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Athlete of the Week: Kaitlin Hoang ’17

_Netting five goals in Andover Girls Hockey’s three most recent games, Kaitlin Hoang ’17 has proven herself to be an offensive threat on the ice. She plays on Andover’s first offensive line alongside Caroline Garrity ’15 and Kelli Mackey ’15, where her speed and innate sense of the game have allowed her to flourish. With Hoang on the offensive front, Andover Girls Hockey holds an impressive 9-3 record. A new Lower from Acton, Mass., Hoang effortlessly dismantles opposing defenses with her extreme athleticism. Her tremendous performances and contribution to the Girls Hockey team have earned her title of _The Phillipian’_s Athlete of the Week._

How has the transition to Andover and playing at the Varsity level been different from playing for town and for the East Coast Wizards club team?

At Andover, I’ve noticed that I have a little more time with the puck. [With the extra time], I get a better read on the defense and make better offensive decisions. It’s really nice and has allowed me to score a lot of my goals.

How have your linemates affected your play? How have they helped your play grow in the transition?

Caroline and Kelli are both super fast and very strong forwards. They win pucks in the corner, which helps with cycling the puck around in the zone.

Rumor has it, you have been sick for the past week and have been playing through it. What has gotten you through the aches and pains?

Well, definitely lots of Tylenol (laughs). The coaches have made me take a couple of shifts off, while putting Tookie Wilson [’18] out there, so I could take a short break. Seeing everyone else on the team work hard pushed me to play and overcome my illness.

What are your strengths as a player?

Keeping the puck in my possession and making sure that it’s moving. I’m good at stealing the puck from opponents.

What do you contribute to the team, and how can the team continue to develop and grow?

Well, my line is pretty good at scoring (laughs). Obviously, that takes some pressure off our defense and leads us to winning games. I hope that we can continue to put pucks in the net.