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Athlete of the Week: Courtney Erickson ’15

Courtney Erickson ’15 has proven to be a leader on and off the court for Andover Girls Basketball. A Post-Graduate from Boston, Mass., the BB&N graduate provides Andover with consistent play as a dominant player in the paint. A talented forward, Erickson averages eight rebounds and over ten points per game. Her best game so far this season came against Northfield Mount Hermon, when she tallied a season-high 17 points. In addition to talent and poise, Erickson’s success can be attributed to her hard work during practice and the weight-training she did during the fall. Erickson’s feisty play, competitiveness and leadership has sparked Andover both offensively and defensively and has earned her title of _The Phillipian_’s Athlete of the Week.

**How has the transition been from BB&N to Andover?**

It’s been challenging for sure. Playing for BB&N as the captain and a four-year player is a lot different from currently being a first-year player at Andover. Participating in FIT during the fall with other girls on the team made the transition a lot easier.

**How has your bond with fellow-Post-Graduate Gadson Lefft ’15 translated onto the court?**

We met last year at revisit day and got really close early on in the year. We have different styles of play, but I think that we complement each other on the court. The fact that we are such good friends means that we don’t have to worry about hurting one another when we get frustrated or upset during a game.

**What do you think about before a game to get pumped up?**

I don’t think about much. I usually just listen to music. I’m really aggressive and a hard worker, so that just translates on the court once I start playing.

**What’s the best part of the team?**

We are all pretty good friends, so I’d say the bonds that I have with my teammates. We spend a lot of time together with study hall and team dinners.

**What do you hope to accomplish this season?**

I want to grow as a player and sharpen my skills. I really want us to overcome our five losses and finish the season with a winning record. Also, to continue getting closer with my teammates.

**What do you think has allowed you to emerge as a leader this season?**

I was a little hesitant at first to really be a leader on the team because it’s my first year, but I think that I lead by example. I have a positive attitude, and that has really allowed me to be a good leader.