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Look of the Week: Issraa Faiz ’15

Coordinating her daily outfits is an opportunity for Issraa Faiz ’15 to experiment with new fashion trends while incorporating tradition and personal values.

“I absolutely love fashion,” said Faiz. “I think it’s one of the most effective ways for people to express themselves. When I was younger, I wanted to be a fashion designer, and I had binders full of my designs. I still design outfits for fun when I have free time.”

Faiz can be seen sporting a pink sweater dress with a navy down vest, shimmering tights and black leather boots or a monochromatic geometric top combined with a blue, lace-trimmed tank top and a soft beige cardigan, always tied together with a bright headscarf.

This headscarf, called the hijab, is a unique part of Faiz’s style. Some Muslim women choose to wear the garment as a symbol of modesty.

“The point of the hijab is to make people respect you for who you are and not how you physically look,” said Faiz. “This is not to say that one can’t wear pretty outfits or anything. The hijab is just meant to put emphasis on what is inside the person instead of what one sees. Contrary to popular belief, wearing the hijab is a choice, and I choose to wear it because I like what it stands for.”

On any given day, Faiz might don a blazer and pants, leggings and an oversized sweater or a short printed dress with knee-high boots. A true fashionista, Faiz effortlessly combines on-point trends with neutrals. One of her favorite outfits is a colorful flowing top with a leather jacket over it, paired with white skinny jeans, wedges and a bright patterned scarf.

“I kind of just like to play around with colors and trends and see what I think works well. I make sure my outfits look put together even if I am not. I try to go for classy outfits with a little bit of flare to keep things interesting,” said Faiz.

According to Faiz, she coordinates her outfits with vibrant scarves and chooses different colors depending on her mood. With a total of over 30 scarves of various shades and patterns, it is never a challenge for Faiz to match them perfectly with her outfit for that day.

“I put a lot of effort into making sure my scarves work with my outfits. I think of them as my perfect accessory. Sometimes I’ll even plan outfits around the scarf I chose for that day or vice versa. I literally go shopping for scarves with certain outfits in mind. I make sure my scarves always match, even if it’s with the outfit I’m wearing to the gym,” said Faiz.

“Issraa keeps it classy with the way she dresses. Her scarves add a pop of color to her outfit and are a great accessory,” said Julia Zell ’15. “If anyone knows how to rock a scarf, it’s Issraa.”