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Look of the Week: Naomi Markman ’15 Brings Cali to New England

Naomi Markman ’15, a new Upper this year, has only been at Andover for a month, but she is already known for her cool, laid-back style. Markman says her relaxed but edgy look is heavily influenced by her Los Angeles upbringing.

“I’m from LA, where we’re surrounded by [fashion] from a very young age… I had a uniform up until sixth grade, so when we got to seventh grade, my friends [and I] just blew into it,” said Markman. “We got so interested in what everyone was wearing.”

On a warm fall day, Markman was spotted sporting a simple white tank top paired with a flared brown skirt, cinched at the waist with an oversized weave belt and black, knee-high suede boots.

“I love her clothing! I borrow her clothing every single day. She’s a California girl, so she dresses like a California girl, even when it’s cold. She will wear her white romper even if it’s snowing,” said Alice Ahn ’16, one of Markman’s dorm mates.

One of Markman’s favorite articles of clothing to wear is a flowing, lace-trimmed white top. Markman often spices up the top by wearing a too-large, denim button down or a camouflage jacket and by donning a girly headband with flower buds.

“I tend to just get ready really fast in the morning. I’ll just grab something. I don’t try to fit into one specific style. Maybe if I’m wearing my Doc Martens, I’ll wear something girly to balance it out,” said Markman.

A typical ensemble for Markman includes a loose, flowing dress or romper paired with a long, oversized, button-down shirt, finished off by her signature black Doc Martens. She loves to shop at thrift stores and flea markets, though she occasionally turns to more mainstream shops such as Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. When she does, Markman likes to make these pieces her own by cutting and sewing the clothes to her own liking.

Markman is often inspired by fashion examples she stumbles upon on social media and in pop culture.

“I get a lot of inspiration from Tumblr. Being on Tumblr lets me see different things, and how other people put their outfits together. I also get a lot of inspiration from television. I really like ‘New Girl’s’ Zooey Deschanel, but that’s very girly, so I like to mix [girly] with other things, like [clothing worn by the characters in] ‘Gossip Girl,’”said Markman, who is also a self-proclaimed television show enthusiast.

According to Markman, she is not bothered by other people’s opinions of her style. She wears what she wants to.

“Back home, one friend often told me that I looked like a hobo because of how I was dressed, but that hasn’t happened here! Also, last week, I wore a onesie to breakfast. There was a very split consensus on it, but I liked it, so I didn’t care,” said Markman.