Oasis Spaces

Ryan Chen ’24 lounges on the new patio furniture outside of Susie’s.

Hammocks, couches, and tables have appeared throughout campus in different lawn and building areas. These new additions to campus are part of Ryan Lam ’24 and Nor DeHoog ’24’s, the 2023-2024 Student Body Co-Presidents, “Oasis Spaces” initiative, closing out their 2023-2024 Co-Presidential tenure.


Funded by the Dean of Students and set up in collaboration with fellow students and cluster co-presidents, the Oasis Spaces are meant to widen campus spirit and offer students more environments for socializing and relaxation. While setting up the couches outside Susie’s, DeHoog recalled the excitement and camaraderie of passersby.

“Pretty much every single person who walked by, we either overheard them say to each other, ‘Oh my gosh, what’s being set up?’ Or they would shout out to us and say, ‘Hey, this looks awesome.’ [We’re] hearing and seeing a lot of success with the initiative, not only from people using it, but from people wanting to help us set up more as we’ve installed new additions to each space, [and] I’m very happy that people have been enjoying them,” said DeHoog.

Lam emphasized the importance of the Oasis Spaces as communal areas that offer a break from the stress of studying. He voiced his hopes for the spaces to act as a way to promote group studying.

“If you picture an oasis, you envision relaxing water… almost a getaway… Hopefully, these spaces can allow people to be outside and be with their friends. [Oasis Spaces are] just a getaway from a lot of people who have homework, other obligations. The problem is if students go to grind in their dorm, and just are constantly grinding alone, that can be pretty stressful and not the best for your mental health. But, hopefully, these spaces can allow people to be outside and be with their friends,” said Lam.

Basil Kington ’27 mentioned his observations of students spending time in the spaces. Since there are no Oasis Spaces in the athletic centers, Kington pointed out the possibility of having spaces closer to the athletic buildings.

“I definitely see people using them a lot in [Susie’s] and at the tables outside the library. I think it really helps campus look better… Students use [them] a lot after school and on the weekends after school… Snyder [Center] or Pan [Athletic Center] near sports [buildings] would be nice [to add Oasis Spaces] because lots of students hang out there and it would be a walk to the other spaces,” said Kington.

Kai Zimsen-Campe ’26 has visited almost all of the Oasis Spaces on campus. He talked about the quality of the furniture, highlighting the Susie’s Oasis Space in particular.

“I’ve been on the hammocks a little bit, the tables outside the library daily, and the couches outside the den a lot. The couches are my favorite… I think I’d like to see more furniture outside of Susie’s because the locations are really good. The hammocks are a bit far away from where other students are a lot,” said Zimsen-Campe.

Eddie Lou ’24, Pine Knoll Cluster Co-President, spoke about his role in helping plan the Oasis Spaces. He highlighted Nor and Ryan’s efforts in bringing the initiative onto campus.

“I helped supply [the Co-Presidents] with what our cluster wanted for our Oasis Spaces. That being, I think, hammocks, a few giant games, some chairs, stuff like that. Really, Nor and Ryan did a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of getting the actual initiative going, because it was their own initiative. But we met every week, I think in the Fall and predominantly Winter terms, to discuss the logistics of how we’d be able to get that going with the Deans and the administration. And they were ultimately really successful,” said Lou.

Lam voiced his satisfaction toward the continual use the Oasis Spaces have experienced since their installment. He expressed optimism toward the future of Oasis Spaces, as well as the Andover community’s ability to take care of them.

“These couches together, these hammocks are on the trees. It’s been really nice to see that the campus cares in such a great way… I’m just so excited to see people using those spaces, hanging out, both for leisure and even for studying. And I really hope that those spaces can remain an oasis for a long time,” said Lam.