Spread on New Year’s Resolutions

After returning from the break, students around campus shared their goals and resolutions for the New Year of 2024.

Isa Curran ’24 (she/her): 

“My New Year’s resolution is to drink more water. Drinking water is good for your skin. Water is good for your gut health, and overall, it is a great habit to have.”


Posey Beckwith ’24 (she/her):

“Spend more time with my friends because I’m sad I’m graduating soon. I think it’s really important to spend time with people you love.”


Jazzy Cormier ’24 (she/her)

“I want to go to the gym more to be better at track. That’s my New Year’s resolution. I think I also should go back to my dorm more often.” 


Darren Donovan ’25 (he/him)

“I haven’t really gone to the gym much. So, I want to start going to the gym [and work on] a lot of self improvement, mentally. Just getting all my work done, getting better study habits, stuff like that.” 


Jackson Slack ’26 (he/him)

“My New Year’s resolution is to read more because I’ve been falling behind my peers and classes, and I’ve decided that if I read more, I’ll get smarter.”


 Jasjit Hargun ’27 (he/him)

“For this year, I’d say it’s making more time for myself because lately I’ve been really swamped with work and also commitment from swimming.”


Sebastian Lemberger ’25 (he/him)

“My New Year’s resolution for 2024 is when I tell stories about my life, I want to blow them far more out of proportion than I have in the past. I want to make speaking with me more entertaining because my life, as it currently is, is very boring. So, I think anytime I tell something that happened to me during my day, I need to add, like, a tornado or Barack Obama walking into the room or something like that. So that [it’s] more interesting and more people will be friends with [me].” 


Eric Choi ’27 (he/him)

“My New Year’s resolution for 2024 is to get to know more people. [Also I want to do] better in [the game] Cookie Run and grand championships and become more physically fit.”


Elliot Weir ’26 (He/Him)

“My New Year’s resolution is to drink more water, because I think a lot of people could probably drink more water. And as an athlete, it’s definitely very important for me to do that because, you know, I’m running a lot and I’m sweating a lot. So if I’m not hydrated all the time, then I won’t be able to function as well as I want to… I think that this will really help me out.”


Gracynn Hartley ’27 (she/her)

“Set new goals and actually do them. I want to start keeping up to my New Year’s resolutions For example, I want to start getting better grades in History by studying more.”


Eric Nie ’26 (he/him)

“My New Year’s resolution is to get faster at swimming. I am planning to sleep more and stay happy.”


Teddy Frangakis ’27 (he/him)

“My resolution is to get a lot stronger and go to the gym more. I also want to focus on my studies and not on my friends because I get distracted easily. I also want to try to be positive for this year.”