Wrestling Defeats Choate, Loses to Nobles

Sebastian Haferd ’25 pins his opponent to the ground.

1/6/24 – Andover: 51 Choate: 30
1/10/24 – Andover: 30 Nobles: 51

After losing by a singular point to Choate last season, Andover Wrestling (6-3) entered Saturday’s meet seeking revenge. On Wednesday, Andover followed its victory against Choate with a loss against Noble and Greenough (Nobles).

Anthony Diaz ’25 highlighted Winston Wall ’25 as a standout performer on Saturday, who won his first varsity match this season.

Diaz said, “[Wall] stood out to me the most because he won his match, his very first match, in less than 20 seconds. It was pretty amazing to see. Especially with all the hard work that he has put into this for the past few weeks. It was pretty great to see him achieve this goal.”

According to Tasha Bohorad ’25, the newer Andover wrestlers were able to demonstrate their hard work through dominant performances in their matches on Saturday. Bohorad also highlighted Wall alongside Elliot Chung ’24, who secured his first varsity win with a 7-6 decision.

Bohorad said, “A lot of our new wrestlers are finally getting their feet under them.
Especially Winston Wall, who pinned really, really quickly, and Elliot Chung, who had a
tough match, but he pinned in the end. [For] both of them, I think, those were their first roster
pins, which is awesome. A lot of people had great matches but those two especially.”

McKenzie Williams ’24 highlighted how teamwork led Andover to success on Saturday. Williams talked about how Andover wrestlers were making a significant impact both on and off the mat.

Williams said, “One of the best things about our team is the fact that everybody is rooting
for each other. Everyone on the team encourages each other even though the meets are long and any given person wrestles for six minutes. We all stay for the whole time to cheer
each other on and give each other the support that they need. So I think the culture of being
there to cheer people on is a great motivator.”

The team had its Senior Night in its meet against Nobles on Wednesday.

Bohorad said “We commemorated both our Seniors and [Nobles’] Seniors, but I think people
just came to wrestle, and that’s what the meet was about. A lot of people commented
how the team will be small next year without the Seniors, and how the Seniors are so
important to the team.”

Bohorad mentioned how Andover plans to improve after a tough loss against Nobles.

Bohorad said, “We’re gonna work on our stance, and…[offense] because they beat us in that regard. They kind of just beat us to our feet, where they got in the shots and we just had to defend from there.”

Andover Wrestling will host four teams – Deerfield, Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter), Roxbury Latin, and Hyde (ME) – on Saturday. The team will also host the Girls Open Invitational on Wednesday.