Co-Captain Drew Smith ’24: A Sensible Presence on Team

While Boys Hockey Co-Captain Drew Smith ’24 started playing hockey at a young age, his hockey career at Andover started when he walked onto the team his Freshman Year. Since then, he has been demonstrating leadership through his intense play.

“I try to lead by example, just always giving it my all during practice, and giving it my all during games…always just trying to be a positive role model. Keep[ing] the locker room always upbeat, positive, and just trying to get everyone, I don’t know how to say this without being corny, but to reach their full potential, to bring out the best in them,” said Smith.

Teammate Luke DeAngelis ’25, also a defenseman alongside Smith, shared his experience watching Smith’s leadership evolve from previous seasons to now. DeAngelis credited Smith with taking the new role with grace.

DeAngelis said, “He’s always been a bit reserved because he has always demonstrated that he’s a very talented player. I’ve always known that he’s a natural leader, but last year, we had such a strong Senior class…[who] really carried the team on their shoulders. But this year, Drew has been a fantastic Captain so far. He’s serious when he has to be, but he’s genuinely a good guy… I don’t have enough good things to say about him.”

This fall, goaltender Chase Anderson ’25, forwards Gregory, Jake LeDoux ’24, Peyton Militello ’25 and defensemen Charles Sabre ’25 shared the rink with Smith on the Valley Junior Warriors Team. Sabre noted how Smith’s leadership was even prevalent in an environment where he did not have a role as Co-Captain.

“[As a new Upper,] that was the first place that I played competitive hockey with him, but also that I got to see some of his leadership. Even on that team, he was one of the better players, and took up the role of making sure kids are not doing what they’re not supposed to,” said Sabre.

Militello recalled meeting Smith, as he welcomed Militello to school. He highlighted Smith’s dedication to hockey and his teammates, especially as captain.

Militello said, “Drew was the first person I met coming to campus… He was a really good revisit, he was [a] really nice, very chill guy. He works really hard. Last year, he never took a shift off and was probably the hardest-working defenseman we had. He’s continued that hard work. He’s definitely come into more of a leadership role, obviously, he’s a captain. But he cares a lot about the team, and even off the ice he still loves everyone.”

DeAngelis commented on the chemistry between Co-Captain Sam Myles ’24 and Smith, highlighting the success that comes from staying diligent and committing to bettering the team.

DeAngelis said, “The other [Co-]Captain is Sam Myles, who I would say is kind of similar somewhat in this role of he’s not the loudest guy in the room, but he works harder than anyone else on our team. I think together, both of these guys create this team atmosphere and culture where you don’t have to be the loudest guy or the flashiest to be the best. But if you’re gonna put your head down and work hard, then you’ll be recognized.”

Smith noted the importance of connecting to his teammates outside of practices and games. Through tutoring and team dinners, Smith builds lasting friendships with each player.

“I hang out with a lot of the guys. We have team dinners and stuff, which is really cool. And just making sure the guys are excelling both on and off the ice. I tutor some of the guys that want it. It’s cool to be able to connect with them in that way as well, and to be able to see them both in the classroom and on the ice,” said Smith.