Girls Hockey Gives Up No Goals in Scrimmage Against Andover High School

Score: Andover: 15, Andover High School: 0
Record: 1-0

Andover Girls Hockey (1-0) started the season off with a scrimmage against Andover High School (Andover High). Although the roster is filled with young players, the team was able to form good chemistry in the short number of practices leading up to the scrimmage, helping them secure a win at the beginning of the season.

According to Corinne Spade ’27, Andover’s defense was vigorous, and the team made sure their goal was protected. Ultimately, the strategy was successful as Andover High was not able to score any goals.

“We had a really strong defense. I don’t think they were in our zone much. Our offense [was good] too. We created a lot of offense during the game. Overall, everyone did really good,” said Spade.

Shea Freda ’24 mentioned the high energy at the scrimmage on Saturday. It was exciting to see how the work on and off the ice thus far in Andover’s season translated to a game-like setting. At the scrimmage, Andover was cheering for one another and working to make sure everyone was successful.

In an email to The Phillipian, Freda wrote, “The atmosphere on the team was really fun. We were all cheering each other on on the bench and getting excited when our teammates made good plays or scored.”

Spade highlighted that going into the scrimmage, the team focused on building relationships and getting to know one another. She described the team’s chemistry as solid and trusting and emphasized that everyone was excited to play with one another.

“Because it is the beginning of the season, our main focus was just on getting to know each other… The team doesn’t know each other yet, and for a team to be good, it matters on team chemistry. So, I really think that what we were working up to before was building the team,” said Spade.

Freda stressed that the team is currently getting to know each other as players and individuals. Freda suspects that by continuously playing with one another and learning aspects of each other’s game, the team will be successful in its season.

“In the coming weeks, we are just trying to learn each other’s strengths and what combinations are going to work best for us. There is definitely still a lot of work to do, but we are a very talented group, so we are really looking forward to seeing how we will develop throughout the start of the season,” wrote Freda.

Spade noted that in the upcoming weeks, Girls Hockey will continue to establish relationships among the team and figure out technicalities to prepare for its season.

Spade said, “For the upcoming week we’re really working on getting our lines set and our power plays and penalty kills set in stone… This week we’re playing Dexter [Southfield], and [Dexter Southfield] is a really good team. We need to be ready to play them, so we’re really working on just getting the basics down.”

Head Coach Martha Fenton anticipates a good match-up against Dexter Southfield on Friday night. The game will be Andover Girls Hockey’s first official game of the season.

In an email to The Phillipan Fenton wrote, “Moving forward we need to work on possession in all three zones. We are a young team, and it will take time to find our rhythm. But, we are looking forward to a great test against Dexter Southfield on Friday night.”

Andover Girls Hockey will play Dexter Southfield on Friday.