Field Hockey Bounces Back From First Loss, Defeats Cushing

Field Hockey has conceded just five goals this season.

Saturday 10/4 – Andover: 7, Cushing: 0

After its first loss of the season on Wednesday, Andover Field Hockey (14-1) bounced back, securing a victory against Cushing on Saturday. The team succeeded in quickly resetting their momentum after Wednesday. 

According to Quiana Bell ’26, in under a minute, Andover was able to score two goals. The team’s ability to put quick pressure on Cushing helped to set the pace for the rest of the game, increasing the team’s spirit and motivation to win. “This honestly set the tone for the entire game, and I think we all collectively let out a sigh of relief,” wrote Bell in an email to The Phillipian.

After its loss on Wednesday, the team was determined to make a comeback to prove that one loss did not affect its spirit or intensity. Andover’s chemistry and teamwork proved to be crucial factors against Cushing as each team member encouraged one another and cheered each other on.

Bell wrote, “It was Senior Night, so all of us were super hype for that. We also really wanted to prove ourselves after our loss and show how much of a powerhouse we are. We had so much energy and really just wanted to support each other.” 

Sienna Glass ’27 highlighted Co-Captain Shea Freda ’24 and Ava Murphy ’24, the team’s two Seniors, who used their experience to take control of the game. 

“We were able to keep our composure and poise throughout the entire game no matter what they were saying and how much hacking they were doing,” said Glass. 

Glass continued, “Despite a team-effort game, some key players that stood out were Shea Freda and Ava Murphy because they faced a tough battle from the opponents but were able to drive through.”

Like Glass, Bell believed that the pathway to victory was a joint effort from every player.

“It was one of those games where everyone played their best. Coming back from our loss on Wednesday, I think that everyone wanted to put it all out there and prove that one loss doesn’t mean anything,” said Bell. 

Autumn Christian ’27 acknowledged that the elements the team had practiced in prior sessions leading up to the game were effectively incorporated into the game plan against Cushing.

In an email to The Phillipian, Christian wrote, “We worked on transitioning the ball down the field in practice, and in the game, it showed.”

Andover will end its regular season at Phillips Exeter Academy on Saturday.