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Phillipian Satire: Freshman Wins Big in Bingo and Generously Distributes Winnings!



Big winnings at Friday’s Bingo Night! Arnold Klopp ’27 was the lucky student to win the grand prize. Arnold’s generosity, and the generosity of our entire Junior class, touched his house counselors enough to share this sweet story. In the dorm, after an optional-but-strongly-encouraged round of well-supervised bingo, Arnold distributed his winnings among his dorm mates — an incredible display of Non sibi! Thank you to Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center and the Academic Skills Center for donating some of these awesome prizes! Difficult to part with, for sure! Dinosaur erasers, stress balls, fake mustaches, sticker sheets, and some goofy gag gifts brought smiles to every face in Rockwell! A few #SILLY pictures of students in the fake mustaches are #TRENDING! Looks fan-stache-tic 😉 Keep posting those clever mustache jokes on the ’gram! And don’t forget to tag @andoveradmissions! It’s so heartwarming to see our newcomers embracing that Non sibi attitude. Setting a fantastic example of what an anti-hazing community should look like (don’t forget to sign the REQUIRED Massachusetts Anti-Hazing Certification). 

***Small note: while having some school-sanctioned fun in the common room is encouraged, don’t forget to clean up after yourselves (remember trash cans are a privilege, not a right) and keep the volume at a reasonable level. Keep an eye on The Weekender to see when and where you can win epic prizes just like these! Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!