Andover Boys Soccer Off to a Hot Start, Beating Roxbury Latin 4-0

Co-Captain Ellis Denby ’24 is in his second season leading Andover Boys Soccer.

Co-Captain Ellis Denby ’24 is in his second season leading Andover Boys Soccer.

Despite an early end to the scrimmage due to rainy weather on Saturday, Andover Boys Soccer started the season with success, beating Roxbury Latin 4-0. With its new team, Andover worked to not only adapt to each other’s play styles, but also navigate the initial phases of the season, aspiring to enhance their team chemistry for the long season ahead. 

According to Kai Myles ’27, building team chemistry will be a crucial component to the team’s success throughout the season. Despite it being the early season, he described how each of the players have already built a strong connection with one another. Myles also added that he felt that the team had many strengths, especially in transitioning from the back of the field.

“We were passing the ball well. We looked like a team that has been playing for three years plus and has practiced for months and months every day, I think that that was one of our strengths. Especially building out of the back, keeping the ball, when to go forwards and when to go backwards, when to just hold on to the ball and wait for the right moment. I think that we took our chances well,” said Myles. 

Myles reflected on being the only Junior on the current team. Gaining valuable insights from his more experienced teammates, Myles hopes to not only learn more about soccer at Andover from his teammates, but also other facets of boarding school life.

“This is not just the coach putting me in the team because they need a [Junior] on the team just to show that there are opportunities for Freshmen. I can play to the standard of an Upper or a Senior. However, I also need to learn a lot, these guys know a lot more about soccer at Andover. About soccer in NEPSAC [New England Preparatory School Athletic Council] and soccer and classes. I really need to learn from these guys because they have that kind of experience,” Myles said. 

Spencer Madge ’25 talked about the significance of the team’s improved passing and positioning, which it worked on during the offseason and in practice. He believes that maintaining shape and movement off the ball will be important to the team’s ability to carry the ball up the field, consequently creating more opportunities on goal. 

Madge said, “We have been working hard to improve on many aspects of our game. One main thing we have worked to improve on is in passing and keeping shape and getting in behind. Some specifics are playing the ball to the winger or striker and then they play it back to an outside back or center attacking midfielder.”

Goalkeeper Jack Alexander ’25 described the hopes for the season. With possibly the strongest team in a while, Alexander believes that this year is the year the team will aim to win the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) championship. 

“Winning NEPSAC has to be first and foremost. We have an extremely strong team, and we don’t want to settle for any less. Though being a bit selfish, I would like to concede less than twelve goals this season. It’s an extremely brutal number to ask of myself but conceding fourteen last season I feel confident that if I fill my role, I can do it.” Alexander said.

With these high hopes, Andover is looking forward to competing against many strong teams in the NEPSAC league. While there are many competitive schools, like Choate and Milton, Alexander has his sights set on Exeter, which Andover fell 1-0 to in the final game of the 2022 season. 

Alexander said, “[I’m looking forward to Phillips] Exeter [Academy]. Who else could it be? I know our entire team is eager to take it to them this year as we all were disappointed in our performance the previous year.”

Andover Boys Soccer will open its official season against Belmont Hill on Monday and host Milton on Wednesday.