Head Coach Lindsey Maroney ’07: From Decorated Athlete to Decorated Coach

In her fifth year as Andover Softball Head Coach, Lindsey Maroney ’07 has led the team to a 15-4 season record and a Big East Championship title. With decorated, record-breaking softball careers at Andover and at University of Massachusetts Amherst, Maroney brings extensive experience and knowledge to the team. 

“I try to make sure that one, it’s fun hopefully, and that everyone that’s on the team regardless of their year, skill, talent, ability wise has as many reps and opportunities as possible to improve, to get experience at positions that they want to get experience at. And then hopefully get as much game time as possible. Of course, at the end of the day, it does come down to putting a lineup out there that we think offers us an opportunity to win,” said Maroney.

While attending Andover, Maroney was named Eagle Tribune All-Star three times and Boston Globe’s New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) Player of the Year twice.  Team member Leila Boesch-Powers ’24 met Maroney her Junior year and immediately appreciated Maroney’s ability to connect with her players through her experiences. 

“It was great to have a coach who really understood the game of softball and really could work with all the talents on the team to get us where we needed to be,” said Boesch-Powers.

Rihana Gomez ’26 shared a similar sentiment to Boesch-Powers. 

“She’s always there to be there and motivates us with positive things to say… What makes her thrive is her knowledge towards the game as well as her experience really helps her coach us and motivate us. Her coaching strategies are really just to keep an open mind throughout the game, you know, anything can happen,” said Gomez.

According to Boesch-Powers, Maroney pushes the team to play its best softball while offering constructive feedback.

“I think she’s a really good balance between competitiveness but also supportiveness. So I feel like she definitely holds us to a high standard in terms of playing and all that. But she’s very encouraging,” said Boesch-Powers. 

Maroney prioritizes maintaining focus and energy within the team. Through these two aspects, Maroney hopes that teammates can consistently support one another and identify any mistakes to be fixed during games. 

“The energy is huge, because softball isn’t the fastest sport, so it’s easy to kind of get distracted or start thinking about other things. So trying to maintain the focus and energy so they’re constantly cheering each other on, knowing what’s going on in the field or out,” said Maroney.