Co-Captain Logan Suryamega ’23: “A Strong Voice on The Court”

Stepping foot on a volleyball court for the first time just two years ago, Andover Boys Volleyball Co-Captain Logan Suryamega ’23 leads through humility and passion, always seeking ways to uplift the team. As an Outside Hitter and a Defense Specialist, Suryamega represents versatility and balance on the volleyball court. 

During his Lower year, Suryamega made the decision to change course from outdoor track to volleyball. After playing on the Junior Varsity team for one season, he transitioned to the Varsity team last year.

Suryamega said, “It’s just been very humbling to come from having never played volleyball before in my [Lower] year, to competing on such an amazing team with over half the team returning from last year. As a Senior, it’s just been an amazing experience having grown up with all these kids around me… Like we’ve grown so much closer and it’s just been an amazing experience being the captain of this team.” 

Three-year teammate Nico von Eckartsberg ’23 commented on Suryamega’s efforts  to place the team above all. Von Eckartsberg admires Suryamega’s influence on team camaraderie.

“Our coaches mentioned at the start of the season [that] he thinks a bunch of us are better at positions that we’re not actually playing, but the way we play is because, overall, it’s the best for the team. And so everyone is making sacrifices so that we can play better as a whole. And I think Logan has stepped up and played that role, and helped others play that role as well,” said von Eckartsberg.

Andover won its second consecutive New England Preparatory School Athletic Council Championship on Saturday. The team’s passion and work ethic has all been “homegrown,” according to Suryamega. 

“This year was a really special year for the volleyball team because not only was it our best season in a long time…everybody on the team was homegrown Andover volleyball talent… Everyone on the team has just worked their way up through the volleyball program slowly… It was really amazing winning again and I think it was even better knowing that we weren’t just handed this championship,” said Suryamega.

After sharing three seasons with Suryamega, von Eckartsberg admires his patience on the court. Suryamega’s ability to communicate effectively and encouragement drives the changes within the team. 

Von Eckartsberg said, “[He is] a really strong voice on the court. And that’s in both when we win points, but also when we lose points. He’s always there bringing energy, keeping energy on the court, but also when we lose points, he’s always there talking about it… and making a plan for what to do next time, how to avoid that… It helps everyone else just keep that ambition and that excitement and that drive to get better.”

This season, both Suryamega and Co-Captain Sam Rodgers ’23 have embraced the new members of the team. ND Nwaneri ’24 reflected on his comfortable transition to the new team environment. 

Nwaneri said, “He [is] very much [gives] older brother vibes, at least like for me. I’ve learned a ton from him. He is kind of been my mentor on the team and he’s super approachable. Both Logan and Sam are very approachable. I feel like I can depend on them, not just as Captains but as friends.”

Earlier this season, von Eckartsberg recalled a moment in-game where there was miscommunication with Suryamega, resulting in a faulty defensive play. He admired how well Suryamega handled the situation.

“I think one of my favorite moments playing with Logan this year was [when] we were at NMH. And they were serving and there was a serve that went between us. Neither of us got it. We had that little moment of miscommunication and confusion. But we got together, we figured it out, we talked through it… I think [that] moment shows Logan’s influence on this team,” said von Eckartsberg.

Von Eckartsberg continued on to speak on Suryamega’s ability to excel on both the defensive and offensive sides of volleyball. His smart playmaking has been a big contributor to the team’s success, according to Eckartsberg. 

“We talked about this a couple times in practice that if a ball drops, there should be at least one person on the ground chasing it. And I think Logan has always been pushing for that… Last year, [he] was more reliant on us as defensive players, but this year he’s really embraced doing that from his role, even as an attacker and it’s transferred to other people. Everyone on the court now has shown this sort of ambition to get the ball up. I think that’s one of the greatest things he has done for this team,” said Eckartsberg.

Looking ahead, Suryamega hopes to try out for Brown University’s Volleyball Club team and rejoin Andover alumni Alex Mitchell ’22 on the court. 

Suryamega said, “I’m definitely going to try out for Club. Hopefully I can make it, but the Brown team is really strong and so we’ll see if I can make it or not. If I do, I look forward to playing again with an Andover volleyball alum, Alex Mitchell. He’s their starting Opposite Outside Hitter. It’ll be good to reconnect to play again on the same team.”