Energetic Cycling Co-Captain Amelia Vinton ’23 Helps Foster Tight Knit Bond

Andover Cycling Co-Captain Amelia Vinton ’23 continuously strives to make the cycling team a fun and inclusive environment for anyone. Vinton organized various events for the team and often works collaboratively with coaches and Co-Captain Daniel Zou ’23, according to Anna Ohm ’24.

“She organized a hike to Holt Hill and made sure everyone became unified as a team. I think as the term and as the season progresses it’s more so to support people through the races and also to work with the coaches. Our captains work a lot with the coaches. There’s a lot of logistics for cycling, between the bikes and everything. So she does a great job talking to the coaches and planning our rides for the day,” said Ohm. 

Vinton explained her role on the team. She mentioned the added pressure of showing up to practices or races as her best self. 

“There’s definitely an added layer of showing up. When you’re a member of a team, it’s like you show up every day, and then when you become a captain it’s really about showing up even more every day with whatever you have to give and making sure that you’re there and as best as you can be,” said Vinton. 

Emily Wu ’25 feels that Vinton is a Captain that always has high energy and a positive attitude, constantly boosting the team’s morale. 

“She is one of the most energetic people that I have met, and she’s just very enthusiastic about being here or just being around you, and she’s full of energy every time that I see her. She’s really good at cheering people up and even when she’s feeling down. It makes me wanna be part of her journey because she is really open and compassionate, which is why I think she’s just really cool and I love being with her and having her as my team captain,” said Wu. 

With the season coming to an end, Vinton reflected upon special moments she shared with the team that were representative of a strong team dynamic. However, Vinton also looks forward to the two races that the team has remaining. 

“I’m looking forward to hopefully some more sunny days soon so we can get out to some bigger rides and also a few of our races that hopefully also won’t be rained out. The races are always really fun and just more time for the team to bond together. I know that one highlight was on the way back from our last race, we had kind of a spontaneous karaoke moment that broke out in the rally wagon on our way back where we were all just singing a lot of songs. And it was so lovely and I was like, ‘Yes, this is what I picture when I picture a team environment,’” said Vinton. 

Wu looks to the end of the season with a slightly more bittersweet outlook. While Wu is excited to savor the time that is left, she acknowledges that her time with the team’s six Seniors is coming to an end. 

“They’re all really nice people and I look forward to every single moment that I get to spend with the team. The team is twelve people, it’s a really tight team of people who are really close together, and I really enjoy being with them, and I love this experience,” said Wu.