Constantine Krenteras ’24 Expands His Clothing Color Palette and Often Dons Pieces that are Sentimental

One of Krenteras’ staple pieces is a gold chain made by his grandfather.

Krenteras often gains inspiration from his favorite music artists and
peers on campus.

Donning a red and blue vintage varsity jacket, a white T-shirt, and red and white Nike sneakers to match, Constantine Krenteras ’23 accessorizes with silver earrings and a gold necklace. Krenteras described his process he follows – or lack thereof – when choosing his outfits.

“For me, there is no real formula to [putting together outfits]. My process is pretty spontaneous and I go a lot by how I’m feeling at the moment… I don’t think there’s much of a science to it… I challenge myself to look through what I have and try to include everything from my wardrobe,” said Krenteras.

Although Krenteras does not consider his style as fitting any specific aesthetic, he draws elements from streetwear styles and brands like Brixton to craft his everyday outfits. He reflected on his stylistic evolution, from middle school until now.

“I think I had a relatively normal progression in fashion. I became more conscious about it at the beginning of middle school because I just wanted to look cool. I [now] pay more attention to what other people are wearing and try different things to see what I like on myself,” said Krenteras.

A staple piece of Krenteras’ fashion is a coiled gold chain made by his grandfather, which he wears almost every day. He explained his emphasis on outfits’ details, from embellishments on shirts to a specific color combination.

“Generally, my style is more understated or muted, but I…think I pay closer attention to smaller details, whether it’s a little design on the corner of a shirt or different shades of similar colors mixed…I can be very particular. Even for basics; I can be very picky and go for a basic white T-Shirt with some little design on it that I really gravitate towards,” said Krenteras.

According to Krenteras, he “got lucky” with many of his go-to pieces. For example, he found a denim jacket in the back of his closet that he liked. It belonged to his uncle, who passed away during the 9/11 attacks. He reflected on finding this jacket while packing to return to campus after Spring Break.

“In the back of my closet, I saw this denim jacket that I never bought and I don’t remember seeing. I tried it on and liked it a lot. I asked my mom about it, she’s been doing my laundry and putting stuff into my closet, and she said it was my uncle’s. She was looking through his old stuff for some reason and she thought I’d like it a lot… I understand it can be a bit of a weird thing to wear a dead relative’s clothes, but I think it’s a better usage of it than to have it collect dust in my parents’ or grandparents’ places,” said Krenteras.

According to Krenteras, he tends to gravitate towards darker color palettes, with articles of clothing like black or gray sweatpants. Deriving stylistic inspiration from peers and music artists, he hopes to experiment with a wider range of colors, such as earthy tones and pastels.

“On campus, I like Nathan Godsey [’24]’s whole new style a lot and more recently, Andrew Chinn [’24’s]; he has some good fits. In terms of celebrities, definitely Tyler the Creator. I’ve liked his music for a long time and I take inspiration from his style. More recently, I’ve been looking into NBA runway or tunnel outfits. There’s some interesting stuff there,” said Krenteras.

Overall, Krenteras described his process of choosing outfits as casual and spontaneous, as well as how choosing comfortable outfits boosts confidence. Looking towards the future, he hopes to diversify his wardrobe through experimenting with different color palettes and aesthetics.

“I’m not going to say fashion is everything to me. It’s obviously not my life. But it’s definitely something important to me and something I pay attention to. Wearing something comfortable can make you feel good in your own skin… [In the future], I just want to try more things and break that tendency to keep wearing the same things over again. Try different styles, different colors and fits,” said Krenteras.