Fishnet Leggings and Black-winged Eyeliner: The Rock-Inspired Fashion of Donoma Fredericson ’23

Fredericson discussed the fluidity and freedom of her style, choosing clothing according to her mood each day. She does tend to keep staple accessories constant across her changing outfits, such as her necklaces.

“I try not to limit myself. I don’t try to stick strictly with one certain style or aesthetic. I just go with whatever I’m feeling. For example, if there’s something I really want to wear on a day, I just try to style the item. I tend to repeat my jewelry a lot. I usually wear the same necklaces and it feels like a signature sometimes,” said Fredericson.

One favorite necklace of Fredericson’s is her love potion charm necklace, which Fredericson wears almost every day and described as her “lucky charm.” She feels that its warm colors and romantic theme effectively encapsulates her fashion sense.

“When there’s no other jewelry options, [the love potion necklace] will be my pick. I feel like it keeps a core of the vibe I like. I’m very into romantic things. The heart-shaped love potion bottle is really cute. The shimmery pink is something I like to incorporate in my outfits when I can,” said Fredericson.

Listening to “whimsical” artists and bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Cocteau Twins, and The Cranberries, Fredericson’s music taste has influenced the evolution of her fashion, which has changed from a palette of soft colors towards a current palette of black, pink, and maroon.

“My style evolution is probably influenced by my music taste. Over the past year or two, I have gotten more into rock and some older music from the ‘60s and ‘80s. This, along with shows, TV, and other media I consumed, changed my mindset and influenced my style a lot. I feel like there’s a direct correlation of this to how my style changed. When I was younger, I listened to different music and was into lighter colors,” said Fredericson.

Fredericson uses makeup to match with and accentuate many of her outfits, such as black-winged eyeliner with black clothing, or even gems on special occasions. Similarly, Fredericson emphasized layering in her outfits, matching leggings and tights under outer articles of clothing to create a holistic look.

“I also pay attention to layering. I’m really consistent with layering. I wear fishnets a lot under my jeans. I usually try to match the pattern or motif of my tights to whatever top I’m wearing to my shoes and outerwear, so it feels more cohesive,” said Fredericson.

Overall, Fredericson talked about the effect clothing has on her everyday life, tying in the feelings of self-confidence in choosing outfits she feels authentically reflects herself. Looking towards the future, she hopes to lean further into the experimental nature of her fashion.

“It always makes me feel good to wear an outfit I like, especially when the day is bad and nothing seems to be going right. Feeling good about my outfit or the makeup I put on can make me feel better and add a bit of control over things. Creating a look that really feels like me helps me feel more comfortable and confident from day to day… I really want to let myself experiment and let my style evolve as I evolve,” said Fredericson.