The Phillipian Playlist: Lawning Edition

With the first tastes of warm weather, spring breezes, green lawns, and lots of Spikeball and fun, students are getting more excited for the anticipated days on the lawn. In this edition of The Phillipian Playlist, students were asked what songs make them think of warmer times, and fun with friends. Get excited for the rest of spring with these songs.

Kai Mafunga ’26: “Japan” – Yot Club
“I like how they are light and upbeat, and can relax and have a nice game of Spikeball while listening to them. They are also just really nice songs… They’re always really real in their songs and they make really good music, upbeat and chill, relaxed songs, and I really like that in their music.”

Magdalena Mercado ’26: “Bags” – Clairo
“I feel like it just has really good vibes and I’m the type of person who likes to really get into my feels, so I really like the lyrics and the melody is really good. It’s the type of music to scream your heart [out] to, and that’s what I like to do while lawning… I like how creative [Clairo] is and how individualist she is when it comes to her musicality and when writing her music.”

Evalyn Lee ’23: “Blue Coupe” – Twin Peaks
“I like this one because it makes me feel very carefree and in-the-moment. It has a very bright tune and I like the lyrics. I like listening to it when I’m walking on the path and it makes me sort of enjoy what’s around me and sort of not think about other things… This band is from Chicago, and I’m from Chicago. Every time I find a rock band or alternative rock band from Chicago they have a special place in my heart.”

Peyton Kennedy ’25: “Hot Wings” – “Rio” Soundtrack
“I don’t know what to say about it. It’s just amazing. I have no words to describe this song. It just…it was so amazing… I am speechless and you can quote me on that. The beat is really catchy and all my friends know the lyrics, so we all sing it together and there’s a dance. It’s really fun to dance to and I also love the movie ‘Rio,’ so it just works together.”

Denzel Dickinson ’26: “Girls Need Love” – Summer Walker
“They’re just like chill songs that you can listen to while laying down, you can relax or talk to your friends… I love how creative these artists are with their songs and words, how poetic they can be, and just how the music pulls you into a trance. They get you thinking, they get you all up in your thoughts… They’re the perfect vibe because they’re not too anything, they’re just really chill and I really like how these artists portray their lives using such creative beats and words.”