Students Share Thoughts on Long Weekend

With this past Monday off, students were given a three-day weekend, which allowed them to catch-up on homework and travel off campus. Students shared thow they spent their long weekend and reflected on not having classes on Monday. 

Aaron Huang ’25:

“I stayed at home because I’m a day student. I had a soccer game on Sunday. I biked to school to do homework. I studied for my AP test. There was some extra time to relax and also my mom came back from China, so it was nice to spend some more time with her.”

Venkat Sundaram ’23:

“I actually went back home to Seattle and was with family. I got to connect with some old friends. We haven’t met in a long time, so I met with them. I had some really good food from a couple of restaurants I love in Seattle and just hung out with my dog. Obviously the first few weeks of Spring Term are really fast and also getting ready for this kind of sprint we have for this next six weeks before, for me, graduation, so [I’m] excited for that. It felt like a rejuvenating time, but now [I’m] looking forward to these next few weeks.”

Anaya Qamar ’26:

“[I did] homework and I went to the Asian American Footsteps Conference. [My favorite part of the break was that] I could catch up because I needed a break after everything. I enjoyed the weather on Friday and being able to hang out with friends.”

Andre Wu ’26:

“[On] Friday and Saturday, I just chilled at home since I’m a day student. I did most of my work on Saturday. Sunday I also just stayed at home and did work. I tried to get all my work done over the regular weekend because I had plans with my friends to go to Boston on Monday, and that Boston trip was really fun. Not having a Monday schedule is really nice, just to not have six classes worth of homework over the weekend. Having those six classes being spread out over two days is really nice.”

Sofia Checchi ’23:

“I spent my long weekend on campus and I went to the beach one day. [My favorite part was] getting to sleep a lot and relax and just not do anything all day. I think there wasn’t much to do [on campus], in the night especially.”

Andrew O’Meara ’24:

“I just did my History 300 paper. [It’s about] how World War II and the beginning of the Cold War influenced the creation of theme parks within the [United States of America]. I didn’t have to cram as much doing my paper which was nice.”

Addison Deng ’26:

“I’m an international student, so I couldn’t really go anywhere, so my long weekend was spent entirely on campus. I was signed up for the AAFC, the Asian American Footstep Conference, but unfortunately I didn’t wake up in time to catch the bus. I really just stayed on campus. I’m a swimmer, so I did go to a few club practices and open swims on campus, but it was mainly an uneventful weekend for me. My favorite part about having a three-day long weekend is that we do not have Monday schedules, which means that we don’t have to finish all our work for every single one of our classes on a Sunday.”

Tam Gavenas ’25:

“I had a sleepover. We had a lot of fun and we had a pillow fight. Watching [Eliud] Kipchoge run in the Boston Marathon was fun too.”