Girls Tennis Claims Two More Victories, Team Spirit Continues to Fuel Team

Evelyn Kung ’26 steps to hit a backhand against a St. Paul’s opponent.

Andover Girls Tennis extended its win streak to four with a 7-2 win over Winsor on Monday and 9-0 sweep over St. Paul’s on Wednesday. 

According to Amy Oku ’25, the team’s win against Winsor is credited toits  strong momentum throughout the day. With a few wins under the team’s belt at the start of Saturday, Oku felt the team’s confidence grow.

“We gained a big advantage after winning all three of our doubles, which helped establish a lot of confidence as we entered our singles games. The week before the game, we worked a lot on our doubles, so it was great to see all our hard work pay off with this win,” said Oku. 

Fellow teammate Evelyn Kung ’26 shared a similar sentiment to Oku. However, Kung noticed that during singles, the length of the matches created a stressful and tense environment. 

“Our team had a really strong start in doubles, as all three of our doubles won, which was huge for the overall score. There were also a lot of great singles matches that were really close and ended up lasting a long time. There were also a lot of tiebreaks, which are a lot of fun but also nerve-wracking to watch and play,” Kung stated. 

Kung highlighted teammates Lena Ciganer ’25 and Oku as major contributors to the win over Winsor. The two tense tiebreak matches were inspiring for Kung to see. 

“A lot of my teammates and I went to watch Lena’s singles match after we finished our own, and she had a tiebreak to seven in the first set. It was really fun, but also really intense to watch, and ended up going past seven points as you have to win by two… Amy also had an intense tiebreak. She split sets and had to play a tiebreak to 10… Overall, it was just a lot of fun to be with my teammates and support one another,” said Kung. 

Andover swept St. Paul’s with its lively team spirit, according to Ciganer. Ciganer elaborated on the constant energy that buzzed throughout the sidelines on Wednesday, with every teammate supporting and cheering. 

“For our team, whether it’s a win or loss…it’s always positive because it’s an individual sport but everyone’s always cheering each other on and it’s a fun experience,” Ciganer stated.

Andover Girls Tennis will play Choate away on Saturday.

Editor’s Note: Amy Oku is a Copy Editor for The Phillipian.