Playlist of the Week: Songs to Listen to During Your 1 a.m. Study Session

While some may say that listening to music while studying is distracting, many students find that music can promote productivity, reduce stress, boost motivation, and/or improve memory. From solemn melodies to energetic pop songs, this week’s playlist will keep you going on a demanding night of homework.

Will Ware ’26: “Je te laisserai des mots” by Patrick Watson
“When you have your airpods in, and you’re just blasting it in Silent. It’s a very good aesthetic vibe. This one is good, especially at night when you’re grinding work. It’s one of my favorite study songs, especially when it’s raining.”

Angie Lucia ’25: “Stargirl Interlude” by The Weeknd feat. Lana Del Rey
“I know a lot of people listen to classical or music with no words, but I need to listen to the music that I enjoy. I think it motivates me to actually start doing my work when I’m listening to something I really enjoy… I like the way their voices sound together, and it’s not really a song that you sing along to. So it’s helpful to listen to it when you’re studying.”

Saraya Angbazo ’25: “West Savannah” by Isaiah Rashad feat. SZA
“I really like how the song has a bright feel, it’s positive and gives me energy even when I’m doing something quieter like studying or doing homework. Also, the melody is really soothing and perfect for background music… It’s something you could definitely listen to to start your day, it energizes while being relaxing. It reminds me of the natural light that brightens your room in the morning.”

Julia LaMarche ’25: “Space Song” by Beach House
“It’s slower and softer, which is easier for me to study to. I can’t do work with lyrics playing, I can’t focus… I don’t have a favorite part because the whole thing is slower and relaxing… The mood of it is relaxation and comfort.”

Tam Gavenas ’25: “Budapest” by George Ezra
“It’s really soothing. It reminds me of travel music, which I like to think of because I like to get away from school while I’m working… I like the middle part, because it reminds me of my mom’s stories of going to India, and traveling around the world. It reminds me of my ultimate goal to travel around the world.”

Spencer Madge ’25: “Baila Baila Baila” by Ozuna
“It has a nice rhythm to it, a nice melody. It’s in Spanish, and Spanish helps me stay focused when I’m studying… The beginning’s really good… It’s a pretty happy, relaxed mood.”