Big Blue Fashion: The Eclectic Outfits of Prospective Blue Key Heads

Over the past few weeks, Uppers have donned everything blue — from spandex, makeup, crop tops, and more — in the annual tradition of Blue Key Head auditions in Lower Right. Cheers and chants echoed throughout Paresky Commons as these blue-clad hopefuls danced, sang, and improvised everything from push-ups to handstands.

ND Nwaneri ’24:
“I wore spandex tights, [I] got them from a Senior that tried out last year… I had a crop top, I made a little loincloth, and I was doing this in the Makerspace and I saw they had blue paint… I had a great idea to spread it all out on a piece of cardboard and make hand prints based on it. I think that worked out pretty well, and then I put handprints on the two chest areas, and then put two on the butt areas.”

Mia Pao ’24:
“I wasn’t very prepared for it. I had to ask people in my hall if they had any blue. I just went crazy with layering. I had these blue track pants, I wore [Tess Lagerquist ’24’s] dresses, I wore this random blue crop top. I wore it kinda weirdly. Then I went downtown and bought these blue bunny ears because it was Easter. I also bought a bunch of blue makeup to cover my arms and my face.”

Christian Gomez ’24:
“I had a blue dress [that] I borrowed from a friend, and I had shorts under that. I made these tear-away clothes for the very beginning when I went inside, and then I went in and tore them off to reveal the dress. It was a blue sparkly dress… For my song I was singing ‘Holding Out for a Hero,’ and I heard it from ‘Shrek,’ where there’s a fairy godmother in [it] that has a blue dress, and so I was essentially dressing up as her.”

Nick Jones ’24:
“I had my custom cowboy hat on top where I glued the Phillips Academy patch on the front. For the shirt, I was wearing a PA football crop top that we recently found in the back of the equipment room, so I was sporting that. [On] each of my arms, I had blue turf cape and wristbands. On the turf cape, I wrote ‘non sibi’ for school spirit… I drew a lot of inspiration from what I wear out on the football field.”