Seniors Share Their Hopes for Spring Term

As Spring Term starts, the Class of 2023 anticipates a good time. Seniors reflected on how they plan on spending their last term at Andover. Many Seniors appreciate having more time to pursue their interests and socialize with friends. 

Yanna Dorotan ’23:

“I definitely want to pay more attention to those around me in the community and get connected with people I haven’t really gotten the chance to. Especially since I’ve been so focused on academics and school for the past three years, I really want to focus on relationships. Not just with friends, but teachers as well. We have the chance to set the tone and set an example for all the underclassmen and really set the school culture. I just feel a lot more laid back, especially since college application rounds are kind of coming to a close.”

Sebastian Altomare ’23:

“I’m looking forward to, especially since I’m in the Workshop, [having] a lot more time to do things when I want to do things. So, I’m excited to be able to block out time to spend time with my friends and people I’m close to before Andover ends in two months. These last two months at Andover, I want to do as much music as I can as possible. With my little band, we’re playing two nights in [Susie’s]. So, I’m very excited for the bunch of rehearsals we’re going to have. We’re trying to feature as many musicians in the Andover community as possible, so getting to connect with other musicians I haven’t played with before. I’m excited to do that.”

Amithi Tadigadapa ’23:

“I feel like the hardest parts of the year are over. [With] college stuff being done, and being over the worst parts of the year, I think I’m just looking for something interestingly uninteresting. At this point, I have no inhibitions. I’m ready to do whatever. I’m not tied to anything. I still really like caring about my work, but I do feel like senioritis is definitely hitting me.”

Joseph Sun ’23:

“I’m most looking forward to chilling and not having too much work. You know, spending time with friends and just being able to do stuff outside of classwork. I’m looking forward to exploring more of my passions. Looking at stuff like data science and looking [into] more research, because I’ve previously done research, but I want to expand on that. Now that I don’t have all these classes and tests, it’s a lot easier to do that. I wish Seniors could just graduate in the winter, so we wouldn’t have Spring Term… If we didn’t have school this term, it would be great, but spending time here is also great as well.”

Carlos Cepeda-Diaz ’23:

“I got a lot of freedom this spring to select classes I wanted. So, I’m going to be just working on stuff that’s really interesting to me all term. Senior Spring, you have a lot more time to pursue extracurriculars, so I know that in my last term of Andover I can focus on doing my passion projects for the things that actually interest me out of the classroom. Also, I’m going to spend it, this is really cliché, but just spending time with my friends and savoring the time I have left because I think now I have a new capacity to appreciate being around the people I’ve met here and I just want to enjoy that before it’s gone. We’re the first class in a few years to have a totally normal Senior Year, and so I think it’s the first Senior Spring where we can really feel like things are back to normal after the pandemic.”

Ruby Koo ’23:

“I’m excited to step out of my comfort zone, try to meet new people, and be open to new possibilities and opportunities. My grades, some may not be as good as I expected, but at least I’m trying, that’s all that matters. Effort is all that matters. I just want to have fun this year and end my career at Andover in a really solid way.”

Stanley Yu ’23:

“I’m very excited about my Senior volleyball season, and also spending time with people close to me, and having fun in the spring. It’s my Senior [volleyball] season, and a lot of my teammates are also Seniors. We’ve been playing together for two to three years now, so we know each other very well and we have very good chemistry. It’s going to be very exciting to watch. This year, I’m in a stack with all my closest friends, and it’s been wonderful so far. I can’t wait to spend more time with them in the spring.”

Devan Hernandez ’23:

“I’m just looking forward to finally focusing more on knowing the people because I feel like I’ve done a lot of the academic work already. Senior Spring in particular, it’s the idea of scarcity. You only have a certain amount of days left. You’re constantly counting down to prom [and] graduation, so you don’t realize how fast it’s going until you finally hit it, and you’re like ‘wow.'”