Co-Captain Wynant Hubbard ’23 Embraces Leadership Role With Discipline

Boys Crew Co-Captain Wynant Hubbard ’23 works with diligence and focus. Year-round, he takes charge by leading training sessions with teammates and working on his fitness. 

Hubbard began rowing the summer after eighth grade. However, his crew career first took off in Lower Year after returning from extensive time on the erg during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Hubbard, the sport serves as a way of developing bonds and testing his discipline.

“Rowing in general has given me a lot of structure and a lot of purpose. And rowing in Andover particularly has allowed me to define my high school experience with a sport, but also it has allowed me to meet great people and form great connections. And it has allowed me to focus on something where I’m working towards a goal that’s in my control,” said Hubbard. 

Head Coach Taylor Washburn ’03 praised Hubbard for his devotion to crew. His determined attitude stands out amongst the rest, according to Washburn. 

“Wynant is very much a leader by example. I think he is someone who, from day one way back in September has been eager to go to the gym at any point. And he’s kind of always on the erg. He’s someone who doesn’t take anything for granted. He knows what it takes to get to where he wants to go and isn’t going to cut any corners. And so what I’ve seen with him this year is someone who’s willing to do the work,” said Washburn.

Now rowing for his third season with Hubbard, Quinn Domina ’24 emphasized Hubbard’s focused work ethic. 

“One thing that I really respect about him is he’s always very serious and focused during his training… Whether we’re on the water or on the erg, he’s always very dedicated to what he’s doing. He tries to avoid distractions, and he tries to get as much work done in as little time as possible… And he’d worked really hard to keep that level of focus for those around him and make sure everyone was being as productive as possible with their training,” said Domina.

Taking place in May, the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association (NEIRA) Championship is the biggest regatta of the season, according to Hubbard. With Andover placing fourth last year, Hubbard looks forward to advancing further this season. 

“The pinnacle of the season is the NEIRA Championship…but we have other races that are very important to us. Obviously [Phillips] Exeter [Academy] is important, it’s a [rivalry]… With Exeter, we have trophies, so the winner of that one race gets to take the trophy for that year. So that adds another level of importance to the race as we want to bring the trophy back to Andover for the year,” said Hubbard.

While hosting training sessions off-season, Coach Washburn noted Hubbard’s growth as a leader. 

“An area where I’ve seen him grow, over the course of the year, I’ve seen him much become much more a someone who wants to bring others along… Where I think early on it was he would just be in there and do it, and so I think he’s grown and evolved in that way. And then I think Wynant is someone I have a lot of trust and confidence in… I can talk to him and really feel like I can get a pulse of the team and have a sense of what’s going on, and so I really value that about him,” said Washburn. 

Sharing similar sentiment to Washburn, Leverett Wilson ’23 commented on Hubbard’s vast knowledge of rowing and commended Hubbard for his liveliness on the team. 

“I think his leadership style lends very much towards taking charge, whether it be bringing boats down to the dock or life jackets, and definitely just knowing what to do. And I feel like Wynant always [has] a handle on whatever he’s rowing. He knows the sport inside and out like the back of his hand,” said Wilson. 

Hubbard will be continuing his academic and athletic career at Boston University next year. Hubbard shared his excitement to enter the world of Division I collegiate rowing. 

Hubbard said, “It was my goal [to row in college]. I wanted it as a testament to my ability to achieve my goals. But also to know that I worked hard… I know, it’s a lot of time and effort, but I find the sport to be so rewarding. And it’s obviously very difficult, so a lot of the growing is pretty monotonous and not very fun. But I think it’s the team that makes it all worth it. And so I’m very excited to continue in college.”