Co-Captain Daphne Edwards ’23 Leads by Example with Compassion and Hard-Work

Growing up as a competitive swimmer, Girls Crew Co-Captain Daphne Edwards ’23 was stumped with the task of choosing a spring sport in seventh grade. Out of desperation, Edwards chose to try crew — and her enjoyment of the sport quickly blossomed. However, it wasn’t until her Lower Year at Andover when she began to take crew seriously.

“I’ve done Connecticut Boat Club in Connecticut. I’ve done Community Rowing in Boston, and Cambridge Boat Club in Boston in the off-season when I’m not here,” said Edwards. She remembers that crew “stole [her] heart” when she began rowing at Andover. “It’s just so different from any of the other sports I did growing up, and I couldn’t imagine my life without it,” said Edwards. 

Teammate Whitney Kanter ’24 believes that Edwards is a “focused” and “approachable” Co-Captain. One of the aspects of Edwards that makes her such a great leader is her willingness to be involved with every member on the team.

Kanter said that Edwards’ role as a Senior and Co-Captain means she makes sure she’s “accessible, and that the coaches are accessible and any new rower feels like they can go and talk to an experienced rower.” According to Kanter, “[Edwards] fosters this community within the girls team and is working to foster a community with the crew team in general that is enthusiastic, supportive, and welcoming, and I think that is something so amazing about her.” 

Migyu Kim ’25 shared similar sentiments to Kanter, describing her as a shoulder to lean on. 

“Daphne is a good Captain because of her compassion. It’s been the first week of the season, and she constantly has been having a discussion with each and every one of the athletes and just having discussions about making sure we have a really inclusive team atmosphere and I really appreciate that,” said Kim. “You can tell that she really cares about every single one of the athletes, even the newcomers and also the people who have rowed with her for a while. She’s always really optimistic and friendly. She’s just a great person to turn to, you know you can go to her if you have any issues whatsoever.”

2021-2022 Co-Captains Aleisha Roberts ’22 and Adya Chatterjee ’22 were important role models for Edwards. Edwards looks to mirror the ways in which both Co-Captains led the team last season. 

“I think the Captains last year were really amazing. Aleisha and Adya were both really great Captains and it was a really special year because I believe they were the first Captains of color on the team and it was just such a great move forward for our program,” said Edwards. “They left such a great legacy that I’m just trying to live up to the best that I can. They were just so positive and welcoming and warm that it just made everyone want to be a part of something special and do their best,” said Edwards.

According to Kanter, Edwards’ ability to maintain a positive mindset and keep a positive demeanor even throughout the most difficult days has allowed Andover to compete at a high level everyday. 

Kanter said, “She’s [so] focused, even just in the boat she’s a such a good hard-working rower, so any new person who walks on the team can see her smiling even in the middle of a rainstorm, and also just pulling really hard for herself and everyone else in the boat.” According to Kanter, Edwards’ good intentions make her a successful leader. “I think that’s what makes Daphne such a good captain…everything that she does isn’t just for herself or for her title, but she does it out of genuine care for the well-being of the team in general.”