The Phillipian Playlist: Spring Break Edition

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, signaling the end of winter and the start of spring. This week, The Phillipian interviewed students on their favorite songs that they relaxed to during spring break.

Will Ware ’26: Burn Burn Burn by Zach Bryan
I like this song because it’s slow but also upbeat at the exact same time and it’s a joy to listen to…I feel that this song is the embodiment of a summer day spent in the sun…This song makes me feel very happy and also helps me to relax and stay calm. You should really listen to it.

Amanda Chiang ’24: Run Away Baby by Bruno Mars
I always listened to this song over the break. It’s really playful and always puts me in a good mood. I love just lying down on my bed and playing it, it’s really therapeutic and I obviously love Bruno Mars.

Ameri Vest ’23: Missed Calls by Mac Miller
I just like the way it sounds. I’m a huge Mac Miller fan and I think that’s probably one of his best songs. I was doing a lot of flying over the break, so on the airplane, especially when it was taking off, that was my go-to song.

Amber Chou ’24: Mrs. Magic by Strawberry Guy
A song that I really love and that I listened to a lot over spring break was a song called Mrs. Magic by Strawberry Guy. I really love it just because it’s a very calm and soothing song, makes me feel relaxed over break, and makes me feel like I am drifting. It’s also really good background music, you don’t have to listen to it just for the vocals, you can also just listen to it while you’re studying, so I highly encourage people to listen to this for spring term as well.

Anabelle Biggs ’23: Low by SZA
I like this song because it’s very upbeat, and it’s a great song to listen to if you’re trying to focus, or if I am in the car with friends. It’s very positive, and it puts me in a great mood. I just feel like there’s good vibes all around. It’s not really like words, I just like the beats of it.

Gracie Aziabor ’26: So Far Gone/Fast Life Bluez by Brent Faiyaz
I mean I think that the lyrics are really heartfelt because you can tell that he is talking about a personal experience. I think it’s also really different from his other music. It’s almost more sad and melancholy, and also, the background instruments kind of resemble an orchestra-type sound, which is really cool.

Gigi Edsall ’25: Turning Tables by Adele
I think it’s just a classic Adele song, and Adele is a queen, and she makes great music. I love all of her songs because they feel so personal, and you can tell she really cares about her music, and puts in a lot of effort to release quality songs. I just love the whole song.