Bright Colors for Each Season: Brigitte Leschhorn’s Eclectic Style

Leschhorn ties her look together with shiny black boots which compliment her black tie

Often aiming for color-coordinated looks, Leschhorn tries to also coordinate the colors with the seasons.

Donning purple pants to match with a purple patterned blazer and purple eyeshadow, English Instructor, Brigitte Leschhorn often goes for color-coordinated looks while choosing an outfit. To top off her look she pairs a black tie with black shoes and mixed-metal earrings.

“I am this poppy-chic…I just wanted to dress brighter. Again, I do have my moments where I want to dress with black and grays, but those happen less frequently now. I’m currently really attracted to bright colors,” said Leschhorn.

Staple pieces of Leschhorn’s include her blazers and t-shirts, which she uses to pull together a variety of different outfits. Inspired by styles from indie stores and small boutiques, she explained typical methods for assembling eye-catching outfits, such as matching her T-Shirts with blazers.

“I think my favorite outfit tends to be a band t-shirt, or I have a Buffy The Vampire Slayer shirt that I really love, jeans, and then I have this leather embroidered jacket, and then boots. I really love that look for fall, or for that transition from winter into spring. I don’t know, I just really enjoy wearing my t-shirts, so that’s more of a weekend look. For work, I really love combining t-shirts with blazers, so I am really able to play off some of the colors in the t-shirt and have a blazer that kind of matches that,” said Leschhorn.

Various factors affect Leschhorn’s outfit choices. For example, when she feels especially tired from the night before, she makes sure to select brighter, more fun outfits in the morning to lighten her mood and help her to get into the right mindset for the day.

“If I didn’t sleep great or if I am feeling really tired or exhausted, that is when I dress, I think, the brightest, and when I really sort of think about my look. It helps me feel good about my day and start my day in a positive way by getting creative with how I look,” said Leschhorn.

Leschhorn described how the seasons dictate the color palettes and themes of her fashion. In addition, she emphasizes comfort and freedom of self-expression when discussing the importance of fashion to her everyday life.

“I would wear during certain seasons, like winter was always purples, and dark grays, and blacks. Summer was always green and salmon colors…[Fashion] has just always been a safe way for me to express myself. In other aspects of my life it has been less big to express myself, but fashion has always been the reward that I go to for that,” said Leschhorn.

Stephanie Curci, one of Leschhorn’s colleagues, highlighted her ability to express herself and her personality through her fashion. From a memorable pair of boots from her faculty interview to the vibrant colors she selects in the everyday, Curci described Leschhorn’s vibrant self expression through her fashion.

“She knows what looks good on her, she knows what makes her happy, but also she expresses her personality in her outfits, and I’m jealous of her for knowing how to do that so well…I remember everyone on the interview committee being super interested in her boots, and wanting to know where her boots came from in the interview. And everytime she wears them I am like, those are the interview boots, I love those boots,” said Curci.

Diving into the spring term, Leschhorn is looking forward to adapting her fashion’s color palette to a more pastel and spring-themed vibe. She described specific colors she hopes to incorporate this season, such as light green and pink.

“For spring, I would really like to get some blues and greens, like really bright blues and bright greens into the rotation now that we are leaning towards spring, and pink. So, I think that is more of what I am thinking of right now,” said Leschhorn.