POTW: Valentine’s Day

Whether or not you had a special someone this past Valentine’s Day, there are so many aspects and lessons to learn from this elusive emotion. Students shared their favorite love songs and lyrics this week, and their favorite lovely memories (pun intended). From retro classics by Whitney Houston, to new releases from favorite artists like Taylor Swift, this playlist offers the perfect accompaniment to any form of love.

Sarah Bae ’26: “Where Is The Love” – The Black Eyed Peas:
“I like the lyric ‘People killin,’ people dyin’’ or when it says ‘Where is the love?’ I think it’s a good message of the song… It’s trying to find love in the midst of pain and suffering, and I think it’s a good unifying message. And my brother showed it to me, and I love my brother, so that’s nice.”

Kai Zimsen-Campe ’26: “Devastated” – Joey Bada$$
“[My favorite lyrics are] ‘At times I thought we’d never make it, yeah, but now we are on our way to greatness, yeah.’ I feel like these lyrics get to the core of the song. It makes me think about how I’m getting better, how I’m improving, how I’m going to achieve greatness.”

Vance Fabrizio ’24: “Love Story” – Taylor Swift:
“I really like the part where Taylor Swift sings about Romeo giving a ring to Juliet. It brings romance and happiness to an otherwise kind of sad storyline. I really just like Taylor Swift. I think that she emanates a lot of positivity in her music, and that’s really nice.”

Gracie Aziabor ’26: “I Have Nothing” – Whitney Houston:
“It’s a very ballad-type song. I like it because it is really heartfelt. Whitney Houston has a really good voice, she belts a lot, which I like. There are a lot of good notes that she hits. It’s really nice to listen to…
My mom has always been a really big Whitney Houston fan, so she used to blast the music in the car… I connected with my mom over it, so it’s great.”

Hayden Fischer ’25: “Our Song” – Taylor Swift:
“I like how this song is super down to earth, and provides people with an everyday perception of love that is super accessible. It’s just really happy and upbeat. I love how genuine Taylor is, and how she makes a lot of different kinds of music that are super positive and relatable for a wide range of listeners.”

Kamen Kaleb ’25: “Stuck On You” – Giveon:
“I just like the way that the song is put together, I think it flows really well, and there are just a lot of good lines in the song that connect to one another. I also like the smooth-jazz vibe of it, it’s really nice to listen to, very satisfying. I really just like everything he has made, I always listen to whatever he has released.”

Daniel Bae ’23: “10,000 Hours” – Dan + Shay:
“It really isn’t about the beats and lyrics for me with this song, but it’s because I watched the music video and it’s all three artists with their wives, and then montages play with photos of them together, and then they are all hugging and kissing, and it’s just very wholesome and cute… Dan + Shay are very underrated. I think they are just very wholesome people.”

Matteo Schneider ’24: “Maroon” – Taylor Swift:
“I really like the part, ‘The burgundy on my T-shirt when you splashed your wine into me and how the blood rushed into my cheeks, so scarlet, it was maroon’… [Taylor] captures all types of love. She captures self-love, she captures love for other people, and in relationships. She captures love for the world around you.”