Students Reflect on Long Weekend

Students were given a day off on Monday, providing them with a three-day weekend. Many took this time to relax and travel off campus. Students reflected on how they spent their long weekend and shared their thoughts on not having classes on Monday.  

Tasnia Begum ’26:

“[On] Friday night, I flew back out to New York to see my family. To be honest, I didn’t do much, it was more of a chill weekend, just hanging out with my family. I’m appreciative that Monday was a day off so that I could have more time with my family because I don’t see them as often.”

Winston Wall ’25:

“Over the weekend, I traveled to California for a competition [with] the physics club called YPT (Young Physicists’ Tournament). We did well in the preliminary rounds and in the final rounds we had some tough opponents to face off against, but it was pretty good overall. I would probably say [the highlight was] either getting to meet so many people from other schools and seeing their research or probably just the chaoticness of working on last-minute edits for the presentations [with] the whole group. It was very fun stuff.”

Elise Zhang ’26:

“I’m really glad there was the long weekend, and having a day off on Monday helped me prioritize my work better because homework was more spaced onto separate days. However, even then, I found that I productively procrastinate by doing Wednesday’s homework before Tuesday. It wasn’t as relaxing as I expected, but I’m really glad we got it. I was part of Dance Open, and I was really glad it happened but [I’m] sad it’s over. On Sunday, I attended a gathering with some of my friends where we made glutinous rice balls and ate Chinese food. It was very enjoyable. On Monday, that’s when I crammed in the rest of my homework that I didn’t do.”

Will Lucas ’24:

“I went home to my house. I kind of just sat around. I worked on some applications for some things I want to do over the summer and I met my cousin’s new dog… I really just caught up on sleep for the most part. It was very well needed.”

Annika Witt ’23:

“I think the long weekend definitely gave me more time to hang out with friends while balancing schoolwork. I got to go out to dinner downtown and go to see a movie at the Liberty Tree Mall, which was really fun. Then, on Monday, I got to hang out with my family and be with my chickens outside. It was nice to spend time at home without having to think about homework, so I think it was definitely beneficial.”

Henry Snow ’25:

“I had my friend from school over to my house and we basically chilled, but I had a lot of homework… I got my sleep in and now I’m back here doing some more homework. I liked seeing my dog. I haven’t seen her in a while so I enjoyed seeing her.”

Sahana Manikandan ’26:

“My weekend was great, I got to travel home to New Jersey which was a very big plus because it was not -40 degrees there. The best thing about it was playing with my dog and not doing any homework. I think the long weekend was definitely necessary with all of my Winter sports commitments, and just with finals and penultimate week being so soon. It’s definitely needed for all the students at Andover.”

Shreya Bajaj ’23:

“My weekend was phenomenal. Having the long weekend was really nice. I like it because not only do we have Monday off, but our assignments were canceled, so I only have half my assignments to do when we get back. So I was definitely able to relax and spend time with my family, do work, procrastinate, and have fun with my friends.”