David Fox Values Family First

In 2012, David Fox was named Head Coach of Andover Boys Swimming and Diving. For nearly 17 years, Coach Fox has led 30 individual swimmers to 57 distinct All-American Awards, won eight New England Championships, and two Eastern Championships. 

Under Fox’s guidance, the swimming and diving team has fostered a familial environment, according to Andrew Chinn ’24. His decision to combine Varsity and Junior Varsity created a team of 40 individuals. This choice provided resources for those on the JV team wanting to swim and dive at a higher level. 

Chinn said, “I think Coach Fox is definitely someone who has worked to create a very strong program, and kind of built a program that is not only inclusive of those who are experienced and wanting to swim competitively on campus… I think that is kind of a leading factor in what characterizes Coach Fox as someone who has built the program to accommodate all of these different people and build a strong team based on community as well as inclusivity.” 

The new Pan Athletic Center allowed for Fox to expand the team, as the pool has more lanes and deck space. In an email to The Phillipian, Fox highlighted how special the first sightings of the Pan Athletic Center were. 

“The most memorable moment was sneaking the team into Pan to see the place for the first time… It’s awesome seeing hard work up and down all 13 lanes of Pan, from folks who are All-Americans and Eastern Champions to folks who are swimming competitively for the first time,” wrote Fox. 

Co-Captain Theo Randall ’23 shared Fox’s emphasis on strong work ethic. He ensures that the team acknowledges those who go above and beyond during practice.

“I’d say he really likes to see people working hard, and he recognizes when people do so and appreciates it when people go the extra mile in practice. I think it’s gotten to the point where everyone’s just encouraged to give it their all at all times and it really pushes [us]. He really pushes all of us to do our best in every practice,” said Randall.

With the support of four other coaches and the three co-captains, Fox debriefs at the end of each practice, acknowledging the team as a whole and providing motivation for each athlete, according to Co-Captain Trey Wolfe ’23.

Wolfe said, “Fox talks with the team after every practice and always has valuable insight. Fox is an excellent motivator and I know we are all very thankful to have him. We also have four assistant coaches who are indispensable with the larger team in Pan and that has been a great experience so far.”

As the season nears its end, the team focuses on three remaining meets. The New England Preparatory School Athletic Council Championship (NEPSAC), Easterns, and its meet against Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter). Implementing team ethos: Family First, Coach Fox emphasized his excitement as the team heads to Easterns in Pennsylvania. 

Fox wrote, “Easterns is the leading high school meet in the nation, and it is our focus. I am equally excited, too, this year for our ‘junior varsity’ meet with Exeter because that will be the championship meet for more than half of the folks on the team. I look forward to everyone getting [their] best times.”

Editor’s Note: Andrew Chinn is a photo editor for The Phillipian