DramaLabs Returns and Introduces Producers-in-Training

From left to right, Simi Ghandi ’24, Sebastian Cynn ’24, Alicia Zhang ’24, Ivy Randall ’25, and Matt Waseliewski ’24 (unpictured) performing a skit to introduce themselves as Producers-in-Training.

The cast ond crew of DramaLabs posing for a group photo.

The first winter DramaLabs offered a low-stakes opportunity for students across campus to get involved with theater. Directed by Daisy Lopez Vargas ’26 and Sebastian Lemberger ’25, the cast performed two short plays, inviting both seasoned actors and new additions to join the show. First time performer Magdalena Mercado ’26 recounted her surprise when she found out she was going to perform in DramaLabs.

“I didn’t know that once you audition, you are guaranteed into the show, and it was kind of awkward because I was so sure that I was going to get the spring show, but I didn’t get the script until the very last minute, which was at least six days before the show itself. So, it was a fun experience, and something that I finally got to check off my Andover bucket list,” said Mercado.

DramaLabs are typically planned, rehearsed, and performed within one week. Due to the show’s timeline, actors generally have minimal costuming. Lemberger directed the short play “Doctors and Lawyers” and shared how he created the show’s silver armor costumes with little time.

“The play that I directed specifically, ‘Doctors and Lawyers,’ would really only work with decent costuming, so trying to figure out how I would make fake armor and that kind of thing was interesting… I bought a roll of tinfoil, and used a pile of boxes in the corner in my room to make most of the costumes,” Lemberger said.

Audience member Agnes Agosto ’24 appreciated how the show was interactive, as the Producers incorporated a game of musical chairs. Agosto attended the DramaLab to support her friend, a Producer-in-Training (PiT), and described how the PiTS performed an original skit.

“They do this thing to introduce the Producers-in-Training, who will succeed the current producers, where they did this little skit, where they all tripped over one another and then they played a kind of movie trope thing, where they looked into each other’s eyes, and there was love music and stuff in the background. I thought it was pretty funny, and did a good job of introducing the producers in training,” said Agnosto.

The cast and crew garnered rounds of laughter from the audience on Friday night. Performer Chrys Mouradi ’25 commented on how the resounding energy in the room boosted both the engagement of the audience and the confidence of the actors.

“The audience was very fun. They laughed a lot, which was nice. It made us more confident when we were performing. There were more people than I expected to be there. It was really nice to see everyone there,” Mouradi said.

Looking forward, the Producers will put on Musical Theatre Cabaret and will resume with DramaLabs in the spring. As a new director, Lopez found the show an incredible opportunity to meet people, share in surprises, and laugh over improvisations.

“I would like to probably thank everyone in Drama Labs for being so open and welcoming. They were all so fun. It’s going to be a core memory, I know that. Especially during the great shakeout,” Lopez said.