Girls Basketball Three-Game Win Streak Snapped by Thayer

Playing back-to-back games over the weekend, Andover Girls Basketball extended its win streak to three games, beating both Governor’s and Milton by more than 20 points. However, the team fell to Thayer on Wednesday, putting its record at 7-5.

Both Andover and Governor’s entered Friday’s matchup with a 5-4 record. Despite winning 67-44, Andover expected a closer game, according to Elise Minor ’24.

“We went into the game knowing that they were a good team, and we didn’t really expect to win by as much as we did. I feel like we started off really strong and whenever we start off strong and we get our energy going and our momentum going, then we really get into our hooping mojo,” said Minor. 

The team’s initial burst of energy was reflected on the scoreboard, starting the second half with a lead of 42-19. Minor continued, highlighting the team’s upbeat energy and resistant defense. 

“I think [the hooping mojo was] what helped us with really keeping our energy up, working hard, and playing good defense. Because in practice, we practice a lot of rebounding drills and defensive drills. I think that’s what wins our games,” continued Minor. 

The momentum against Governor’s carried over to Saturday’s matchup against Milton. On top of the 72-39 win, the team doubled the number of rebounds and quadrupled the number of steals that Milton had. Ruby Kokinos ’26 reflected on the team’s dominance throughout the weekend. 

“I think we did really well moving the ball and waiting for the right shot or the right move, instead of just  throwing up threes or making sudden plays that weren’t really getting the ball into the hoop. And also… the energy and sort of just staying focused the whole game,” said Kokinos. 

Despite leading for the entire first half of Wednesday’s game, the team fell 64-48 to Thayer. Although the team was unable to respond offensively, Co-Captain Kiley Buckley ’23 still highlighted Sophie Dandawa ’25’s defense against Thayer’s point guard, a Boston University commit. 

“I think the game as a whole was a little bit slow, even on both sides. I think defensively, we did a good job, stopping their main point guard. I think something that we could have done better that we need to work on is just helping defense and making sure that we’re all communicating…And then we had somewhere where we weren’t really as energetic or active,” said Buckley. 

Though ultimately losing by a margin of 16 points, the team trailed Thayer by three or less points for the entirety of the third quarter. Kokinos hopes the team can improve on its stamina to overcome smaller deficits that are present late in the game. 

“A lot of the time has been starting out strong and coming out of the gate with a lot of energy. And we did that today. I think that it was just about keeping it up throughout the game…we really were neck and neck with Thayers the whole game except for in the very last bit,” said Kokinos. 

Andover Girls Basketball will play Deerfield on Saturday and St. Paul’s on Wednesday, both games on the road.