MOSAIC Hosts First Mixed Heritage Dance Featuring Mixed Heritage Artists

To conclude Mixed Heritage Week, MOSAIC hosted the first ever Mixed Heritage Dance on Saturday. Taking place in Lower Right of Paresky Commons, the dance featured music from exclusively mixed artists. Attendees shared their thoughts on the music, vibe of the dance, and the overall importance of Mixed Heritage Week.

Elliot Chung ’24
I think that it is really fun to see everyone having a good time, and just listening to music, and enjoying the environment. Kind of a work-hard, play-hard mentality. I think it is important to recognize how integral mixed heritage people and organizations are to our community, and it’s important that we give them the recognition that they deserve.

Kamila Garcia ’25
I knew that the music was going to be good, because it is all by mixed artists. I think that mixed people are a very new demographic, especially to the United States, and places like the Caribbean and South America, there are a lot more mixed people… so, it’s an important thing to acknowledge and celebrate.

Emiliano Bobadilla ’26
The music, I like the music. I think it shows the diversity in the music genres, and how many different mixed artists are out there, trying to break into the scene, and succeeding. I really like the vibes, and everyone is just having fun. It’s flowing really [well] right now.

Christina Donovan ’24
It’s good to see my friends, and to be here, having fun. I have a suit jacket, and a button-down with a rainbow bow-tie…it makes me feel good. Mixed heritage people are important… and wonderful. I am speaking from experience and personal-ness. MOSAIC rocks!

Sebastian Lemberger ’25
I would say that I really like the lighting, and I think that the music choice is pretty good. I am just dressed casually and comfortably. It gives mixed people a sense of visibility because they get to influence programming on campus and put mixed heritage awareness at the forefront of everyone’s mind this week. Hopefully that continues.

Mayumi Kawano ’25
I am mixed,…and I just thought it would be fun to listen to some mixed artists. Just being in little circles with my friends [has been my favorite part], and like the vibes are pretty nice honestly. I feel like a lot of the time on social media… being mixed heritage might get drowned out… so I think having a week to celebrate those identities is important because it brings a lot of awareness and representation into the mix.

Wendi Ying ’25
I love the music, and I really like the lighting too, it’s really cool. I just like the atmosphere of the entire dance. There are a lot of mixed race people, and it’s really good for them to get exposure, and representation, and really be able to demonstrate their influence and their role in the community in a public way. It’s just a nice celebration and recognition for them.