Girls Hockey Shuts Out Dexter Southfield and Northfield Mount Hermon, Remains Undefeated

Kiera Harder ’23 is one of eight Seniors on Girls Varsity Hockey.

Co-Captain Anne Averill ’23 protects the puck.

Andover Girls Hockey celebrated its first home game of the season with a victory against Dexter Southfield School, 1-0. The following day, Andover traveled to Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH), taking a total of 71 shots on the net and ending the game in a 3-0 win. The team’s record stands at 3-0.

Against NMH, Andover maintained composure in the game, despite various penalties being called on both teams, according to Peyton Kennedy ’25. Head Coach Martha Fenton ’83 encouraged the players to take more high quality shots after Friday’s tight game against Dexter Southfield.

Kennedy said, “Although we only won 3-0, we had 71 shots on net. That could be good and bad because we didn’t really get them in [the] net, but we did get the opportunity. We also were able to overcome a lot of challenges in that game with the aggressive number of penalties called on both sides. Constant power plays, constant penalty kills, but we really, we came out on top.”

Having many younger players on the team, Wendi Ying ’25 stressed the importance of building good team chemistry. Ying commended Coach Martha Fenton and the team’s Co-Captains for their leadership and guidance in maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

“I think that there [are] a lot of new [Juniors] and even new Lowers, but I think it’s really helpful having captains that really help to build that team dynamic because they’ve been here for so long. We also have our coach. Coach Fenton is really helpful and she makes people feel really welcome. My [Junior] year she made me feel really welcome on the team, and honestly everyone on the team is just really welcoming,” said Ying.

Kennedy notes that especially with many players participating in the same fall sports, a lot of players on the team have already established a trusting relationship. 

“We have a pretty young team this year, a lot of [lower] classmen, but we’re looking like a strong team. A lot of us play the same fall sports so I feel like we’re already connected” said Kennedy. 

Keira Bruen ’26 shared similar sentiments, noting how playing for the same club teams led to Andover’s early success in the season. Coach Fenton’s constant work with the team hopes to bring Girls Hockey to the forefront in the Patsy K. Odden Tournament. 

 “We’ve been passing really well, and a lot of us have played together before on club teams so I feel like that has helped. I feel like Martha is helping, too, and she’s having us do drills that help us work together, so I think that really helps with coming together as a team,” said Bruen.

With high anticipation for the Patsy K. Odden Tournament, which features the top eight schools in New England, the team looks forward to taking on competitive schools. Ying emphasized the importance of strategy and momentum going into the competition. 

“It’s always just playing as hard as we can and putting in that effort. Coach Fenton really emphasizes that during practice: you earn your playing time. So when we go to Taft, obviously everyone’s spirits are going to be really high. We just want to play our best, get shots on net, and just be really focused, and have a good time,” said Ying.

Andover will compete in the Patsy K. Odden Tournament this Thursday and Friday, with hopes of winning the championship for the second year in a row.