Who Has the Best Halloween Costume?

From familiar childhood movie characters to demigods, Andover students put lots of creativity and thought into their costumes at this year’s Halloween party. The Phillipian interviewed a few students at the party who turned heads with their eye-catching costumes. Which costume is your favorite?

George Stoody ’24: Sexy Lifeguard/Undercover Cop

“I was struck with the brilliant idea of telling people that I was actually an undercover cop… and that I wasn’t a lifeguard. Because something that I always think is funny at Halloween parties is how people guess what your costume is, so people would be like, ‘Oh, are you a lifeguard?’ and I would be like, ‘No, I’m actually an undercover cop, I’m undercover as a lifeguard.’”

Curt Herlihy ’24: Barack Obama’s Secret Service

“ND came to us with the idea, and he was like, ‘I’m going to be Barack Obama, someone else has to be the secret service,’ and I was like, ‘sure’… We all just wore suits, and for ND, he had a presidential pin, just a U.S. flag. And then for the rest of us, who were playing secret service, we had sunglasses.”

Elliot Chung ’24: Squid Game Contestant

“My friend said I looked a lot like [one of the characters], and I thought it would be a perfect costume, because Emerson [Kington ’24] went to Spirit Halloween and he got a [Squid Games] costume and I decided to wear it… The key points are the green tracksuit because it makes me look like [a character] from Squid Game.”

Maximilian Dabbous ’24: Egyptian Pharaoh

“[I used] lots of gold because [I wanted] the swagger, the ruler type of aura…I wanted to go as Aladdin and then, I was like, ‘screw that, Aladdin’s weak.’ Wasn’t his dream to become [an Egyptian pharaoh]? So I’m just gonna be what Aladdin wanted to be. That was his wish.”

Annabel Tu ’25: Silvermist

“We wanted to try [being] fairies. One of my friends is blonde so we said, ‘Oh you can be Tinkerbell,’ and I guess I look like a Silvermist…We all wore satin-ish silk dresses to make it look cohesive. Mine was blue because Silvermist wears blue and we also had wings that were actually really small. But I think that worked out because if they were big they would have been way too inconvenient, for a fairy. That was it, I put on blue eyeshadow to tie in more blue for Silvermist.”