Girls Soccer Defeats Northfield Mount Hermon With Last Minute Winner

Co-Captain Kelly Bu ’23 is one of ten Blue Key Heads on campus.

In the final four minutes of Saturday’s game, Emily Mara ’25 scored the only goal of the day off of an assist from Ava Davey ’25, propelling Andover Girls Soccer to a 1-0 victory over Northfield Mount Hermon. The team later fell 3-1 to Thayer Academy on Wednesday, bringing its record to 4-6-4.

Wylie Roossien ’26 emphasized the chaotic nature of the beginning of Saturday’s game. The team faced an unfamiliar field and pace-of-play as they faced off against NMH. 

“It was a bit chaotic throughout the first ten to 15 minutes. The pace was fast, and the field was small, so that contributed to a lot of chaos, not necessarily that we induced upon ourselves, but that the other team brought forth. I think being able to combat that was one of our great victories that we were proud of after the game,” said Roossien.

Emily Decker ’26 acknowledged the team’s ability to adapt to changes and reflect on its mistakes mid-game. Although the team failed to convert its numerous offensive opportunities early on against NMH, it remained persistent, and ultimately found a goal.

“Even when we made mistakes, we were persevering to get better. We didn’t give up, even when we made a couple mistakes. We hit the crossbar a couple of times, we were so close, but we just kept working, and then we scored,” said Decker.

According to Roossien, the high pressure Andover faced against NMH encouraged the team to support one another throughout the game. Roossien noticed an increase in enthusiasm and ambition in the second half of Saturday’s game. 

“I feel the team did a really great job especially compared to our past performances. Being able to fight despite challenges we faced and the adversity throughout the game because there were points where it was pretty chaotic. And to be able to overcome that, and to switch into a mentality that was focused on playing for each other, and with each other, in order to achieve our common goals that were established before the game. [This] was demonstrated through halftime, and even in the second half we were really able to turn it up. I think our efforts were reflective of the goals we set,” said Roossien. 

Scoring only two goals in two games, the team hopes to improve upon its play in the offensive third of the field, according to Hayden Fischer ’25. Fischer also believes it is important to maintain constant communication and attention to detail in the midfield in order to create more goal-scoring opportunities. 

“Our team’s goal for the future is to take advantage of the opportunities that we have when in the final third [by] finishing all the balls we receive. In practice, we’re focused on our first and second touch because, especially in the midfield, that’s super important. We’re also working on finishing in the final third [because] that seems to be a struggle for us this season. We adapt to changes mid-game [through] communication. I think that’s very important to make sure that everyone is constantly talking in a positive way. Our captain [Kelly] Bu [’23], who plays center back, is really good at that,” said Fischer.

Andover Girls Soccer will host Deerfield Academy on Saturday and face Noble and Greenough away on Wednesday.