Exploring the Metropolitan and Minimalist Wardrobe of Matteo Horvat ’25

Following a simple, darker-toned color palette, Matteo Horvat ’25 pulls together a casual outfit with jeans and a comfortable black fleece. Accenting his apparel with minimal yet eclectic accessories gathered from thrift shops, streetwear brands, and even friends, Horvat’s outfit is accompanied by a sleek digital watch.

“I’m borrowing this watch right now from a friend, but I feel like it goes with any outfit, and most of the jewelry I own also goes with basically any outfit. Usually, the outfit comes first and then the accessories will come second…I like to wear a lot of plain clothing with certain things that will make them pop,” said Horvat.

Fashion first captured Horvat’s curiosity at a young age. Throughout elementary school, he tried out various bold garments such as cowboy boots, and even suits. According to Horvat, such unique experimentation helped him develop a fluid and flexible style.

“I don’t think you can change your style in one day. It’s kind of like slow changes over a period of time. Honestly, what worked well for me was just taking small risks. Then, they slowly got bigger and bigger until I could feel more comfortable wearing more crazy things that I like more,” said Horvat.

Horvat often centers his outfits around various pieces of outerwear, such as a versatile and comfortable North Face puffer jacket he recently bought—these select pieces help establish his metropolitan aesthetic. In addition to thrifting his closet essentials, he also enjoys investing in durable clothing from backcountry brands like Patagonia and streetwear labels like Supreme and Palace. Horvat’s friend, Michael Williamson ’25, discussed the diversity of his wardrobe.

“He does a lot of thrifting and ends up getting very solid deals on lots of different types of clothing…Overall I would describe his style as resourceful, and he has a really good sense of fashion on top of that,” said Williamson.

Horvat also draws inspiration for his outfits from social media platforms like Instagram, with two major influencers he looks up to being Ethan Glenn and A$AP Nast. He highlighted the importance of fashion as helping boost one’s confidence.

“I feel like it’s important to pay attention to how you look, because I feel you perform better when you feel confident in what you’re wearing and your general appearance. I also think that the world of fashion is really interesting, especially how companies try to send messages through clothing,” said Horvat.

All in all, Horvat emphasized how fashion allows him to create meaningful connections within Andover’s community.

“I just think [fashion] is a way to connect with other people. One of the main things [I do] when I meet new people is I always try to comment on something they’re wearing, or ask about it. I’d say that’s why I love fashion,” said Horvat.

Horvat revealed that he used to
wear cowboy boots to elementary

The digital watch Matteo Horvat ’25 borrowed from his friend, like oth-
er pieces of jewelry owned by Horvat himself, is chosen for its versatility.