BOO! Are You Scared Yet?: The Best Halloween Themed Movies and Songs

Halloween is right around the corner, and many dorms have already decorated their walls with spooky spider webs and bloody hand prints. With the Halloween dance coming soon, there is nothing better than watching and listening to Halloween themed movies and songs to get in the mood for dressing up in a scary costume. This week, students at Andover recommended their favorite Halloween-themed movies and songs.

Mayumi Kawano ’25

“The song that really comes to mind is ‘Calling All the Monsters’ by China Anne McClain. I think it’s just a really perfect Halloween song and it captures the vibe of what Halloween is about, but it’s also [about] still staying true to yourself in a way. Overall, ‘Calling All the Monsters’ is a festive Halloween party song. It’s meant to be lighthearted, it’s not meant to be taken seriously.”

Juliana Reyes ’24

“My favorite Halloween themed song is ‘This is Halloween’ [by Marilyn Manson] from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.’ I really like this song because I grew up watching the movie and every time this played on my phone or my mom put it on the TV, it reminded me that it was Halloween and spooky season. I really like Halloween. It’s all about scaring people, but at the same time it’s about going for candy and hanging out with friends. It’s always just a good time to see it and I have a lot of good memories of Halloween, so this song just speaks to me.”

Jaylen Daley ’25

“I think this Halloween I’ll be listening to ‘Fragile’ by Ecco2k. I like listening to the song and pretending like campus is abandoned, like I have no responsibility and I’m just experiencing things. The airiness and slight melancholy of the song fits the foggy and murky weather we’ve been having recently. On a low volume, it’s also a fantastic study song.”

Amber Chou ’24

“I would have to say [my favorite Halloween-themed movie] is ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’… I think the movie’s really pretty, it’s all done in stop motion animation, which just makes the characters seem a little bit more alive, especially since it’s Halloween themed and all those scary faces and characters are all better in stop motion, more Halloween-y.”

“My favorite Halloween movie is the ‘Charlie Brown Halloween’ movie. I used to watch it every Halloween when I was a kid, so it’s a very nostalgic movie for me, and I always watch it with my family, which is a fun, little bonding experience. Yeah, it’s still fun to watch now that I’m older, and it’s a family tradition, so now I’m going to start watching it with my friends and bring them into the family tradition.”