Girls Soccer Ties Governor’s and St. Paul’s

Andover Girls Varsity Soccer faced St. Paul’s on Friday and Governor’s on Wednesday, tying both teams 1-1. The team’s record now stands at 3-5-4. 

Head Coach Lisa Joel reflected on the strengths and weaknesses of the game against Governor’s. 

The team was able to create offensive attacks but ultimately struggled to find the back of the net, according to Coach Joel. 

“I certainly think across the game we possessed the ball well. It was a tough game. In the first half we played, we did not execute a game plan, which was to not move the ball. We possessed it but we didn’t move it. So we didn’t create opportunities for ourselves offensively. Emily Mara’s [’25] goal was fantastic in the second half, but we didn’t finish on the other chances we had which was really important in games like this, where we’re creating them and we’re just not able to do that final step which is putting it in the back of the net,” said Joel.  

Returning from the long weekend, a few of the players felt sick, which impacted the team’s morale on Wednesday. According to Mara, the team strived to overcome these struggles throughout the game.  

Mara said, “We are all a little sick, so we’re not all high energy, but we were pretty pumped going into the game…and it’s always good to come back from a tie and have something to work off of.” 

In contrast to Wednesday’s game against Governor’s, Friday’s game against St. Paul’s had high energy, according to Jazzy Cormier ’24. Cormier noted a memorable play made by Wylie Roossien ’26 in which she displayed her tenacity and mental toughness. 

“There was a moment when we had a penalty kick and it didn’t go our way, but then Wylie, who had previously taken the PK, scored a couple minutes after, and we were so proud of her because it’s really hard to come back from. Even though the first shot was really good, the goalie made a save. So, we were proud of her for coming back and the actual goal was really good…It was really fun and intense and everyone was screaming,” said Cormier. 

With the tail end of the season coming close, the team is looking for ways to refine its play. According to Coach Joel, the team is focused on improving both individually and as one cohesive unit.

“I think it’s a hard time of the year and the season…So it’s tiring, it’s hard, this is a demanding game. We’re out there a couple times a week so I think we’re trying to find who’s got the energy to not only play the game well but elevate the people around them. So I think right now what we’re trying to do is, ‘how do we bring out our best selves individually’ but more importantly ‘how do we make everyone around us better so we can use some collective energy’. So I think we’re at a midpoint and we’re trying to find our second wind into the second half of the season,” said Coach Joel.

Andover Girls Soccer will play Northfield Mount Hermon away on Saturday.