Look of the Week: Going Classy and Grunge With Nadia Choophungart ’24

With elegant accessories and lace-lined pieces, Nadia Choophungart ’24 accents her a simple coquette aesthetic with soft grunge. This week’s outfit of choice—sleek black blazer, fitting crop top, cozy ankle warmers—delicately balances ‘chique’ and ‘alternative’, completed with a glistening waist chain and her signature pink heart-shaped bag.

“One of my go-tos that I can do a lot of variations with is this tank top or something similar….I’m really into wearing leg-warmers these days and really big shoes because I am not very tall. This [heart bag] is definitely my favorite article. It’s from Kate Spade. It’s the love of my life,” said Choophungart.

To ensure a diversity of outfits, Choophungart makes sure not to repeat similar articles of clothing too often. She prefers her style to be unrestricted—after wearing skirts for a few days, she will switch into pants that are more masculine in comparison. Choophungart’s friend E.V. Heck ’25 highlights the flexible, experimental quality pieces as the reason for her distinctiveness in fashion.

“[Nadia’s style] is actually really unique. And I look up to it in a way, because she always comes out with really great pieces. And she uses pieces but in a different way, if that makes any sense. She’ll bring out the same piece from last week, but it will look completely different because she mixes [her clothing] up,” said Heck.

When crafting outfits, Choophungart often places emphasis on her shoes or an especially striking accessory, such as her heart bag. Sometimes, she also focuses on creating a cohesive look with careful jewelry choices. Heck noted how the inclusion of such unique staple pieces contributed to the evolution of Choophungart’s style.

“I feel like when I first met Nadia she had [fewer] original pieces of clothing. It wasn’t as unique before. And then she started mixing things up and putting different things here and there. And I think now, today, she looks incredibly hot and sexy,” said Heck.

For style inspiration, Choophungart scrolls through Pinterest, an image sharing platform that tailors its feed to every user’s unique taste. In addition, many of her friends have introduced certain fashion trends to Choophungart as well as inspired her to develop a liking for thrifting. Choophungart discussed unique pieces she acquired from thrifting in downtown Andover.

“I haven’t been off campus for a while now. But I actually got really nice things from the Andover Thrift Store. Like this necklace and this [waist chain]. And I got very nice oversized jackets with cute patches on it,” said Choophungart.

Looking forward, although Choophungart has not decided if she wants to pursue a career in fashion, she is certain she will continue developing her own aesthetic. Choophungart emphasized how finding a style that she likes boosts her confidence.

“I think style for me is a way that I can make myself more confident in terms of my appearance. It’s something that I have control over. So I try to improve it over the years… Fashion is important to me because it’s something that really helps with my self-esteem. I think if I feel good in an outfit, I care less about what other people think. It’s more like dressing for myself,” said Choophungart.