Football Co-Captain Joe Carrara ’24 Motivates the Team Through His Spirit for the Game

Andover Football Co-Captain Joe Carrara ’24 never shies away from high-energy support for his team. Described by teammates as enthusiastic, responsible, and kind, Carrara acts as a role model both on and off the field.

These qualities have not gone unnoticed. According to teammate Diego Velez ’24, Carrara’s liveliness on the field keeps motivation high during games and creates a supportive environment for the team.

“He’s a very vocal leader. He’s loud on the fields. He likes to get everyone really loud on the sidelines…. His energy influences people to find more energy even if they’re quiet. Even if they don’t play, his energy is his biggest factor on the field as a Captain,” said Velez. 

According to Velez, Carrara’s ability to build community also composes a significant part of his leadership. Velez found one of Carrara’s recent half-time speeches particularly memorable, in large part due to Carrara’s efforts to boost morale during a frustrating game. 

“Yesterday at the game, at halftime we were down, and he was saying, ‘Don’t give up because you’re not doing this just for yourself. You’re doing this for your brothers next to you that you’re playing with. You’re doing this for the coaches. You’re doing this for the school. You’re doing this for the managers.’ I thought that was a really good message he was trying to send,” said Velez. 

Teammate Corey Cid ’25 raised another example of Carrara’s on-the-field leadership. According to Cid,

Carrara models optimism and resilience while playing.

“My favorite Joe moment is when things were getting heated at the scrimmage between Andover and Brooks, and he scored a touchdown. I think that was a really big moment because he helped our team stay strong, and helped us believe we can stick up for ourselves,” said Cid. 

Cid also noted that off the field, Carrara’s efforts to connect with all members of the team ensures that everyone feels comfortable and welcome. 

“Joe’s biggest influence is how kind he is and how responsible he is. He really helps keep the team together, helps everything function, and he makes sure everyone is having fun. And I think, for me personally, he’s someone I can look up to…[He’s] just what we look for and need in a captain,” said Cid.

While Carrara leads his team with energy, he strives to be sociable off the field as well. According to Carrara, the social skills developed through football can be applied to life outside athletics.

“Outside of sports, I try to be as nice and personable as I can on campus and in the community. Going out of my way to say ‘thank you’ [or] talk to people…. Outside of football, I don’t really focus on sports. The biggest thing is who I am as a person outside of sports. I just try to work on that everyday. I try to talk to people, be personable, and help others,” said Carrara. 

Carrara’s influence on the team has been shaped by his own leaders. Alongside the current team and coaching staff, he gives credit to recent graduates for his leadership style and performance on the field.  

“All my success is because of the leaders and captains I’ve played under like Danny Ferris ’22 and Thomas McAndrews ’22, as well as my teammates and coaches that I play with. They all help me grow as a player and leader,” said Carrara.