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Cheer, Creation, and Comedy—New and Old Clubs Expand the Potential of Arts and Leisure on Campus at Club Rally

The Fall Term Club Rally brought crowds of students into the Snyder Center, eager to get involved in Andover’s community and find new hobbies. The clubs, old and new, were the stars of the show; with loud music and relentless yelling, their energy reeled in hoards of new members. There’s always a strategy to this organized chaos, though. The Phillipian’s interview with six different performing arts and leisure clubs revealed their tactics and expectations for a year beyond the Club Rally’s initial excitement.

Kaia Heslin ’23—Sketchy
“We want some new members because right now we all really love Sketchy, but we are all Uppers and Seniors and so we want to have the club keep lasting after I graduate…. Some tactics for getting new members is delegating a writing section versus an acting session because some people don’t want to act, some people don’t want to write. We are just trying to do all we can to get as many people involved.”

Valerie Ha ’24—PA Create
“We want new members because we want different people to experience the maker space and to have fun with us…. We are mostly talking to new Juniors and Lowers because I feel like they are the most likely to join a lot of clubs and just more likely to experience new things.”

Will Lucas ’24—PA Album Club
“I’m looking forward to expanding my music taste. I’m looking forward to helping other people expand their own music taste because music has always been a big part of my life. A big tactic we are using to get freshmen to join is candy.”

Carlos Cepeda Diaz ’23—F-STOP Magazine
“I’m looking forward to our first magazine. We are going to open submissions soon… students can submit anything they want that fits into that theme for them with their phone or nice camera or even a disposable one. We just pick some submissions and print it into a magazine every term…. It’s just a simple club. We just take pictures and spread them… this is just something that’s core and real.”

Papa Painstil ’26—Gospel Choir
“We are here at the Club Rally right now to try to get more people to join, and I’m super excited for the performances we’re going to get to do at the churches and here at Andover for the rest of my peers.”

Irene Ledo ’24—Big Blue Cheer
“I love the Club [Rally] because it’s a really good opportunity for everyone to gather together for something that they have in common, and that is their love of clubs. I decided to participate in the Club [Rally] because I think it gives everyone a really fair opportunity to have their club viewed and exposed. I think it’s a great way to get people knowing about what you are trying to do on campus.”