Girls Softball Co-Captain Evalyn Lee ’23 is Both Vocal and Persistent

Softball Co-Captain Evalyn Lee ’23 never fails to show support for her teammates. Although she continues to learn for herself, Lee demonstrates constant determination and effort. Lee not only displays effort for herself, but also always pushes her teammates to follow suit and push themselves to their best.

According to Ava Davey ’25, Lee’s upbeat and positive attitude are some of her best qualities. Davey specifically notes how her cheers for her teammates solidifies her as one of the most vocal players on the Softball team.

“She’s always super positive and I think she’s like the most vocal person on the team when people are confused or have questions. You always know that you can go to Evelyn because she really knows what she’s talking about. And she’s super supportive to everyone. Especially during games when she’s cheering and helping other people,” said Davey.

Emerson Buckley ’25 shared a similar sentiment to Davey, acknowledging Lee’s never-ending support for her teammates. Lee also is a persistent athlete and strong leader who never gives up and constantly learns from her mistakes, according to Buckley.

“She’s never not supporting everyone and she’s never not lifting anyone up. And also she’s just a great demonstration and great role model. Because she performs well most of the time, even when she doesn’t and she never stays down she always gets back up on her feet after a mistake and stuff like that. And I think that just helps the team. Knowing that mistakes happen, especially in the game like softball because it’s the game of failure,” said Buckley.

Lee recognizes that Softball is a particularly challenging sport because of all the possible mistakes that can occur. However, she notes that shaking off mistakes and learning from them is a critical part of the sport and the best way to find success, and something she personally strives to display for her teammates.

Lee said, “I think that softball is a really tough sport in the sense that it’s a game of failure. I’m still learning how to be a better leader. But something I want to try to do is to exemplify how to bounce back from making a mistake. How to maintain a positive attitude and to cheer for my other teammates. When I’m not doing well or if I strike out or something, you don’t go back to the dugout and cry, you come back to the dugout and cheer as loud as you possibly can for the next person who’s up.”

Davey feels that Lee is the epitome of a leader. She mentions how she took the team under her wing and imparted her extensive background of Softball experience onto the rest of the team.

I mean, I feel like she’s like the definition of leadership quality because she’s just very, like supportive. I feel like that’s the most important part. Because, like, we all look to her kind of, for support all the time because she’s played on the team for a while and she kind of understands how everything’s being run. And like, we also give her the same amount of support, but it really just all starts from her,” said Davey.

According to Lee, her main goal this season is to create a tight bond between her teammates. Due to COVID-19, last year’s season was changed, causing bonding to be a challenge. Nonetheless, Lee looks forward to creating a bond between her new team and creating a memorable year for everyone involved.

Lee said, “Well, I think one of the main goals was to truly be a team because this was my first full season after the pandemic. Last year, we had a season but it was slightly altered. I think that we have a really big team and I was aware of that. And I really wanted our team to bond and to learn to be good teammates to each other. And I think we’ve done that. I think that the connection we have with each other is really strong and we’re all supportive of each other. That’s honestly such a rare thing.”