Co-Captain Kylie Frank ’22 Battles Through Injury and Keeps High Spirits

The initial challenge of softball is what kept Co-Captain Kylie Frank ’22 coming back time and time again. After developing aspirations of playing in college, Frank found herself at Andover where she prepares to fulfill that dream as she wraps up her last year on the Softball team. Unfortunately, Frank is dealing with an injury this season, but doesnt let that deter her from being with the team and around the sport she loves.

Frank recognizes the difficulties of being injured and trying to lead with passion. However, playing catcher has made her a very vocal person generally, so transitioning to an off field leader has been relatively smooth for her.

Frank said, “As a catcher, it is my job to be one of the most vocal players on the field because I can see everything from where I stand. The catcher carries a lot of leadership because they are in every play and I think I do this well which translates well into my captainship. Because I am injured its hard for me to be an on the field leader so I try to do as much as I can from inside the dugout to help my team during game situations.”

Fellow Co-Captain Kylie Buckley ’23 acknowledges how sustaining an injury has not stopped Frank from being a prominent member of the team. She notes how Frank does her best to stay involved and provide technical and moral support.

Buckley said, “Kylie has kind of just been like more of a behind the scenes kind of Captain just because of her injury with her knee. So I think she’s really good to talk to like if, like out of softball, just kind of like, talking things over with her and asking her opinion on what she thinks because she knows a lot about softball.”

Fallon O’Connor ’23 shares a similar sentiment to Buckley, highlighting how Frank continues to help the team despite the unfortunate circumstance. She mentions how Frank is always present during practice to offer advice and continues to serve as a bridge between players and the coaches.

“Kylie comes to all our games and our practices. And I mean, she’s able to communicate with the coaches about what we’re feeling. Since she is captain, she has a little bit more say and she’s played for a really long time. She definitely knows a lot about the game because she’s a catcher. So like, they kind of coordinate everything on the field. So I think that really adds to it,” said O’Connor.

Angie Cardona ’25 feels sorry that Frank is unable to play with the team for her last season here. She explains how despite not having an ideal year this year, Frank has still been a great influence on the team and has great promises for the future.

Cardona said, “Kylie, unfortunately, was injured, and she’s out for the season. And honestly my heart aches for her. And I feel really bad that she can’t live out in our last season here. Or play her last season here. And, you know, she’s committed to a D1 college and we’re all just super proud of her and so grateful that she can still be here with us and so grateful that she’s recovering. And you know, she’s been at games supporting us and giving us tips and just being our number one cheerleader. And for that, I’m very grateful.”

Frank believes that the group of Co-Captains all bring something valuable to the team. The diversity in position and way of leading fosters a more lively and cohesive environment, according to Frank

“We get along very well and bring unique characteristics to the team. One thing in particular that I think is cool is that we all play in different parts of the field so we bring leadership to a lot of positions: Kiley (infield), Evalyn (outfield), and catching (when I’m not injured).I think we all have a very good knowledge of the game and all are very competitive and want this program to flourish. I couldn’t have asked for better co-captains as they have been very supportive throughout my injury,” said Frank.