News In Brief

Upper Gala

On Saturday evening, the Upper Gala was hosted in Davis Hall at 8:30 p.m. As an Andover tradition, Uppers were invited to celebrate their Upper year through the dance. With colorful decorations, neon lights, and large 2023 balloons, the event served fancy finger foods and beverages. Many students dressed up and took photos with their friends in the photo booth, celebrating their Andover spirit as the upcoming seniors next fall.

Divest Andover Open Forum

The Philomathean Society hosted the Divest Andover Open Forum on April 22 in the Freeman Room. After a brief presentation on what it means to divest at Andover, the host questioned four panelists consisting of clubs like Andover Conservative Club (ACC), Philanthropy and Investment Club at Andover (PICA), and Divest Andover. The audience later participated in a Q&A session to consolidate their understanding of the significance behind divesting at Andover. Furthermore, the PASC promoted a Divest Andover petition at the end of the open forum. 

Take Back The Night Banner Making

In preparation for Take Back The Night this upcoming weekend, students gathered this past Saturday to make banners in the Community and Multicultural Development (CaMD) office. Take Back The Night is a global organization that takes action against sexual violence, and Andover has traditionally organized an annual march beginning at the Abbot campus. Similarly, students and faculty members will do so this year in units of dorms. Another banner making session was also hosted this past Thursday, where students were encouraged to participate. 

Club Rally

The Club Rally was held outside of the Gelb Science Center last Sunday morning. Representatives from each club presented their decorated boards on the lawn, engaging students and recruiting new club members. Around 25 clubs participated in the Spring Club Rally, playing music and attracting students with candies and chocolates. Though smaller compared to the fall club rally, the event offered younger students to socialize and get involved with more clubs.

Holocaust Memorial Trip

Last Sunday morning, some students took a trip to the Boston Holocaust Memorial for a guided tour. The memorial is located on Boston’s Freedom Trail and encourages viewers to reflect on the legacy of human rights.