Golf Endures Through Unfavorable Conditions, Defeats Holderness

Led by its ability to hit consistent shots throughout the match, Andover Golf earned an 8-1 victory over Holderness on Wednesday. The team’s record now stands at 5-1.

Head Coach Tedd Parker commended the team for its consistent play and support. According to Coach Parker, the team saw formidable play all across the board.

“The format of our match consisted of 6 individual matches and 3 best ball team matches for a total of 9 points. We won the match 8-1. In our match today, we were consistent with our shot-making and supported each other well. Next week we have three matches to prepare for and putting is something we can all continue to improve. Today our entire team played well. One highlight of the day was an eagle on #8 by Trey Wolfe,” wrote Coach Parker in an email to The Phillipian.

According to Trey Wolfe ’23, the conditions were much more challenging than the team initially anticipated. He acknowledged how the team quickly adjusted to this obstacle and continued to play its own game despite the unfavorable weather. 

“I think the conditions today were a little tough. It was windy and cold, and everyone did a good job managing that. I think the conditions were definitely harder than usual today, and I think everyone kept their cool and played their game, and it really worked out well for us,” said Wolfe. 

Heyon Choi ’25 noted how everyone on the team played exceptionally well because of the home course advantage. She explained how the strategies the team had learned in practice proved to be effective during the match.

“We won by a lot, and I think it was because everyone was on top of their game, and we played at a course that we had been practicing for a long time. It was a home course so we are really familiar with it. We knew where to place our ball and knew where the best place was in order to play the best. It’s an individual sport but we played as a team, and I think that’s what brought the [win] home,” said Choi.

Wolfe highlighted Joey Zheng ’23 for his persistence throughout the match. Wolfe was impressed by how Zheng continued to persevere through the game no matter the situation.

“In my foursome, I was only playing with Joey Zheng. I think Joey did a great job. He ended up in a couple of rough spots but really fought through it which is really admirable. I also know that Daniel Rekoske ’23 did really well today. Although he wasn’t in my group, I saw him absolutely sticking it today. It was fun to watch him in the group behind us just absolutely putting it close to pins and making putts,” said Wolfe.

Choi explained the early success the team has found so far this season. She noted how bonding within the team has created an environment where everyone is able to learn and grow off each other.

“We have been doing really well so far. We have lost once out of like four or five. We have been playing really well and all the players are just improving. We are learning from each other and getting closer,” said Choi.

Andover will face BB&N at home on Tuesday.