Captain Lauren Lee ’22 Values the Social Side of Golf, Strives to Create a “Comfortable” Environment

Inspired by her dad to pick up the sport, Andover Golf Captain Lauren Lee ’22 has been on the team since her Junior year. As one of just two Seniors on this year’s team, her age and experience make her a natural leader. Rather than focusing on standings and results, Lee hopes to ensure that everyone on the team is enjoying their time. 

According to Lee, golf itself is a highly individual sport, but outside of hitting balls and swinging clubs are close friendships to be made. With the team spending a majority of its practice time talking to one another, every member must feel comfortable with the entire team. 

“Everyone on the team gets to know everyone pretty well just because we spend two hours a day playing with each other and basically talking the entire time. Everyone just sort of becomes friends. I guess I just hope that everyone gets along and is comfortable playing with anyone,” said Lee. 

As a new member of the team, Heyon Choi ’25 believes Lee has played a crucial role in her transition to the new team environment. Lee’s Non Sibi qualities give the team a sense of reassurance, especially during times of confusion or disorder. 

“I would say, for starters, she’s very understanding, especially when I’m new to the team, and I don’t know maybe how things work or if I’m not doing so well. She’s always there to reassure me and the other team members, especially the [Juniors], and let them know that everything’s okay, and that this is just the beginning. She’s also very supportive, and she makes sure to put everyone else first, and I think she’s a really good captain for that. She makes sure everyone gets what they need for practice, and then she goes to help herself,” said Choi. 

Also new to the team, Sean Niu ’25 respects Lee’s constant optimism. She is never the one to be discouraging or diminishing towards younger teammates. 

Niu said, “Lauren is a good captain because she always brings good vibes with her. Lauren is the kind of leader that can bring everyone up with her.”

According to Lee, the team feels more like a casual group of friends rather than a strict group of competitors. Therefore, she doesn’t feel pressured to always be perfect or assert herself as a leader of the team. 

“The team is organic in that there’s not a strict sense of hierarchy or sense of leadership…It’s pretty natural. I’m not necessarily really that prevalent of a leader,” said Lee.

The previous two seasons were challenging in terms of finding opportunities to practice or to play against other opponents. Lee’s goal for this season is to ensure that everyone, including herself, is making the most out of every hole.

“I’m just really glad that we’re all back in person and that we get to play together, so I just hope we have a good time,” said Lee.