The Phillipian Playlist: 2021-2022 Co-President Picks

Mary Muromcew ’22 and Sean Meng ’22 at the co-presidential debate last
Friday delivering the opening speech.

Meng and Muromcew also chose a “theme song” to describe their time as Co-Presidents. They agreed that “Try” by P!nk defined their rollercoaster-like experience over the past year.

“The song talks about getting up and to keep on going no matter what obstacles you face. This co-presidency definitely hasn’t been the easiest throughout. If we were to pinpoint one moment the hardest that we tried, it would be, when everyone was sort of silent and lowkey got into a fight, and we were trying to keep it together even though we were also disappointed, the Deans weren’t very happy and at that moment at least we were thinking if we were doing a good job [or] doing the school proud or justice. I think throughout it all, we’ve definitely been trying and trying really hard,” said Meng.

“There is a good lyric, ‘You’ve gotta get up and try, try, try,’ so we feel like the repetition and getting the recognition and validation when you win the election, everyone’s super stoked for you. And this year, there has been good pressure and expectations. I think we have been trying to manage our own expectations versus other people’s, and not need to look for that external ‘you’re doing a good job,’” said Muromcew.


Junior year: “Don’t Know You” by Heize

“’Don’t Know You’ [reminds me of my] freshman winter. I did JV swim as a freshman and coming out of the pool at 8 p.m. at night, it was pretty cold…I would wear my earbuds and look around on the streets. [The] campus was dark, the street lights were on, and walking by the lawn, [I started] enjoying Andover’s view [and seeing] how pretty the snow looked under the street lamps. That’s sort of when I first fell in love with Andover… we didn’t have the library, because it was under renovation for that one year, and everything got moved into the lower left. I would sit there all day and have that song playing. I also sort of remember associating the song with that time period in the library…We were having a good time, and that’s where I formed a lot of my first bonds,” said Meng.

Lower year: “PlayDate” by Melanie Martinez

“I lived in this dorm so far off from campus…with my roommate who is actually still my roommate now, and [the dorm] was an 8-person dorm…So TikTok was sort of an escape for me and my roommate. We would just watch TikTok, sort of trying to imitate the dances, and that was sort of when I made my best friend, and my two roommates now are still my best friends…TikTok was that cement of friendship and ‘PlayDate’ was one of the songs that come to mind,” said Meng.

Upper and Senior year: “Day 1” by Honne

“The first time I heard [Day 1], I was like, ‘Oh, it’s really catchy.’ But then, I sort of listened more to the lyrics. The song starts off with, ‘Day zero when I was no one, I’m nothing by myself…Finding you I won big the day I came across you.’ I didn’t really associate this with a person, I rather associated it with Andover. You’re leaving somewhere that has been so close to your heart. It’s very nostalgic and sad, exciting, of course, but a whole mix of emotions and the song portrayed just that. I’m pretty sure [this song] was a wake-up call or a reminder to make the most out of the time I have left here [and] to just be grateful every day, to be here with the people that I love,” said Meng.


Junior year: “Ready To Start” by Arcade Fire

“‘Ready To Start’ describes the beginning of my Andover career just like in the title and I love Arcade Fire. My dad, and mom both played a lot of [Arcade Fire] in the car when I was a kid so this was the first music I remember recognizing and knowing the name of a band. [Through this song,] I realized that there’s always gonna be butterflies, ants in your pants with starting new, but you’re still gonna be the same person each time so holding on to that and not letting the nervousness overtake your sense of self,” said Muromcew.

Lower and Upper year during Covid-19: “Trailer Trash” by Modest Mouse

“The person who introduced me to ‘Trailer Trash’ was my first semi-girlfriend back in Wyoming so I think it’s just funny and when I think of [the song], I think of her. There is also this really good guitar solo moment, it’s just awesome and I keep listening to that part of the song. It reminds me of a lower year every year, which feels like the same year because of Covid-19. This song is super nostalgic during Covid-19. Obviously, we weren’t here so I was listening to a lot of music. It reminds me of home a lot and it encapsulates this period of my life of thinking and reflecting,” said Muromcew.

Senior year: “Carry Me Out” by Mitski

“In ‘Carry Me Out’, Mitski’s lyrics and her overall music are super curated and very emotional. I don’t necessarily think that reflecting and or being nostalgic has to be something that is sad. [This song] gives me a lot of joy, [thinking about] leaving a lot of good things behind with my Andover career. This song is more about reflecting but more so in senior year, I’ve been doing a lot of looking back in order to leave. As much as my joy, I think senior year is genuinely the best year. The first lyrics, it’s ‘At night / On the rooftop / I untie my hair / And watch from my plastic chair / As my dark hair / Unleashes the night.’ I love the imagery and the comfort of enjoying this moment. It sounds really peaceful and beautiful,” said Muromcew.