Myra Bhathena’s Energy Sets Her Apart From Other Captains

Holding 9th grade school records in the 100-meter and 300-meter hurdles, two-year Co-Captain Myra Bhathena ’22 had a quick start to her Andover Track and Field career. After taking up track in middle school, Bhathena grew to love the individual aspect of the sport. Coming into Andover, Bhathena knew that she wanted to run track.

Bhathena values the connections and bonds she’s formed while being a part of the track team. According to Bhathena, track has been a central aspect of her time at Andover.

“There’s always people to cheer you on and people to cheer for, like [when I came] into Andover I knew I wanted to run track… I feel really grateful to be able to be a part of PATF for so long. It’s been one of the core aspects of my Andover career. I’ve just met so many people on the team and connected with so many different athletes because it is such a big sport that draws from so many different people around the campus. Especially heading into my senior spring and my last season of track here, I’m just really grateful. It’s been great to be able to have met like all my amazing teammates and coaches. It’s been a really good time,” said Bhathena.

Bhathena has served as co-captain for the past two seasons. Taking her previous experience, Bhathena hopes to serve as a friendly teammate and supportive leader for her teammates to rely on. 

“I was fortunate enough to be Co-Captain last year. So each season that I was that I have been co-captain. I feel like I’ve been improving and working hard to be a supportive teammate and a leading figure. So I want to first and foremost be a friend and someone that every teammate can lean on. But of course, I’m working to lead by example and encourage my teammates to be leaders themselves.” Bhathena said.

According to Jazzy Cormier ’24 and Patricia Tran ’24, Bhathena leads as a friendly, caring, and hard-working co-captain.

Cormier said, “Myra is an incredible leader because she cares about her teammates on and off the field. She always checks up on us and ensures that we’re doing okay, not just as a player but as a friend and a student in general.”

Tran added, “She definitely leads by example because she’s very hardworking. And her work ethic just radiates to other people. With her work ethic and her energy, she’s always enthusiastic.” 

According to Bhathena, she strives to be a friendly figure to teammates even outside of practice. In addition, she also hopes to inspire her teammates through putting in commendable effort in practice and performing in meets. 

Bhathena said, “Outside of practice, I sort of assume a friend role for every teammate, or I try to because it’s always so nice to see a friendly face on campus. And then just be able to connect with all my teammates, off the track and outside of practice, and check-in with them and make individual relationships and build individual relationships with each person. I still try to be that friend figure that people can turn to and I work hard and motivate myself by working to be a leader like by examples. So anytime I PR or win a race I feel one of the best feelings. One of the best parts of like winning a race or PR’ing is the fact that I’m inspiring other teammates to do the same.”

According to Tran, Bhathena’s energy is what sets her apart from other captains. It provides the team with positive energy to propel them to perform well.

Tran said, “I mean, all captains show leadership, I guess. I think her energy is what makes her different. She’s always one of the loudest, always cheering on people. Even if she doesn’t know their name, she still goes to the quietest part of the track to cheer people on. Her voice is very distinct.”