Jack Fates ’22: Role Model, Friend, and Athlete for Andover Boys Lacrosse

Jack Fates ’22 started his lacrosse journey in kindergarten, when his father brought home all the gear he needed to play lacrosse one day. Fates’ father had played lacrosse in high school, and wanted Fates to try his hand at the sport. Fates has played lacrosse ever since. 

Fates values the friendships and bonds he has made through lacrosse. He feels as though they play a large role in what keeps him with the sport. 

“I’ve played with so many kids since I’ve been playing for so long, and it’s just allowed me to make a lot of connections and meet a bunch of people I wouldn’t have gotten to, which is really fun,” said Fates.

According to Fates, his voice on the team allows him to be assertive and keep the team in line. At the same time, he emphasizes that he is always open to talking to his teammates about anything and feels as though there is a comfortable dynamic between him and his teammates.

Fates said, “I’m loud. I know how to organize people and get things done. I feel like I can talk to anyone on the team about anything, whether it’s the normal out of school stuff, specific to lacrosse, or if they need help with something. I feel like I am just a comfortable person talking to anyone, and I feel like most kids are pretty comfortable coming to talk to me.”

Marcus Sapuppo ’23 explained that Fates’s personality allows the team to learn from him. With his loud voice and comfortable presence, Sapuppo feels as though he plays a big role in the team dynamic.

Sapuppo said, “He’s a fearless leader, he’s vocal. We can always look up to him if we need a lesson or if we need a tip or something he’s always there to help us. He really intervenes when there is a problem and he’s always supportive, that’s the main part.”

Charles Whitman ’22 feels that Fates inspires his teammates through his athleticism and strength, which he showcases on the field. 

“He’s a really athletic dude. He’s the strongest guy. I remember seeing him freshman year. I saw him bench 245 [pounds]. I’m like, it’s a lot, and especially for a freshman. He keeps us to that high standard on the field, too… It’s clear that the captains this year were really people that the coaching staff want the team to be like,” said Whitman.

According to Whitman, Fates’ selflessness and caring for his teammates makes him an excellent role model. As a day student, he is able to travel to stores to get equipment for the team and hands down his old equipment.

Whitman said, “[He’s] just a really good role model off the field. Jack will help people get whatever they need from stores. Since he’s a day student, he can drive to Lacrosse Unlimited and buy equipment. He helps people out a lot with that. He brings over his old equipment for kids that don’t have equipment, that’s really nice.”  

As the season begins, Fates looks to take things one step at a time instead of dwelling on long-term goals. 

“Obviously [we want to] win as many games as possible, and beat Exeter, that’s the big goal. But I think we’d better focus on the next, upcoming game. Tomorrow, we have our first game against St. John’s Prep, just focus on that, not focus too far into the future and get too ahead of ourselves,” said Fates.

Nevertheless, by the end of the season and the school year, Fates hopes that he can have bettered the team in his time at Andover. 

“A goal for the senior class is to leave our mark on Andover… to change the status of the team and definitely leave it in a better light that we came into it,” said Fates.